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PCM Behaviors

“PCM Behaviors,” is a set of action guidelines based on People-Centered Management (PCM), which Daikin expects each and every employee of the Group to follow.

The Basic Belief of People-Centered Management (PCM)

Each individual possesses infinite potential, and the cumulative growth of all employees is the foundation for the company's development.

Take Bold Action and Seek Growth

Innovation & Growth

People who strive to grow, challenge established norms, and lead innovation

1. Boldly take on challenging situations with full conviction of your potential

  • Take work themes and challenges seriously.Be focused and enthusiastic in your job.
  • Take on risks fearlessly and seek ambitious goals with enthusiasm and perseverance.
  • Shuraba (challenging situations) develop people”. Think deeply, share your goals openly, and be committed to achieving them.

2. Refine and enhance your strengths and expertise until you excel in your field of expertise

  • Create a strong organization that promotes diversity where multiple talents can excel at work by “being the nail that sticks out”.
  • Focus on your personal development by understanding your uniqueness and strengths.
  • Maintain a positive mindset and continuously pursue growth.

3. Learn humbly

  • Reflect on your strengths and development points and take action to improve them.
  • Learn with humility from others who have different thoughts, values, and experiences.
  • Learn about Daikin Group philosophy, our corporate culture, and deepen your own thinking.

Build Genuine Trustworthy Relationships and Teamwork

Trust & Teamwork

People who share the Daikin Group's dreams and value dialogue and teamwork

4. Participate with a sense of ownership by sharing information and opinions through deep and extensive discussions (“Flat and Fast management”)

  • Share information in a timely manner.
  • Have robust discussions without fear of conflict where everyone actively participates to reach a reasonable understanding.
  • Contribute to the organization with a strong sense of ownership and passion.

5. Fulfill your roles and responsibilities, and work together towards achieving goals

  • Share not only the goal itself, but also your firm determination and conviction to achieve the goal.
  • Think what the team must do now and consider what additional efforts are needed for the team then take action.
  • Respect each other's unique strengths and differences while taking individual ownership and working in partnership.

6. Respect each person, unleash your infinite potential, and embrace healthy competition

  • People are developed only by other people. Give constructive feedback to help each other grow.
  • Embrace diverse ways of thinking to create new insights and knowledge.
  • Always show appreciation and gratitude to others.

Strive for Results

Winning & Achievement

People who aspire to achieve great results with passion, strong will, perseverance, and action

7. Envision your goal and take creative action without being bound by past successes

  • Identify the challenges to be solved through deep consideration for the desired outcomes.
  • Develop an independent and flexible approach, free from past established norms, and consistently set ambitious goals.
  • Solve problems from the perspective of total optimization of the organization, and don't be limited to the perspective of your own department.

8. Leverage Daikin's strengths, and pursue uniqueness and differentiation

  • By identifying global market trends and changes surrounding your organization, leverage Daikin's unique strengths.
  • See multiple perspectives (“swing the pendulum”) and explore the “third way”.
  • Exhibit Daikin's unique hospitality by deeply considering joy, growth, and caring for others.

9. Set ambitious goals and achieve them with passion and perseverance by continuously taking action

  • Engage in flexible cross-functional collaboration without being confined by the boundaries of the organization.
  • Be flexible to adapt quickly to changes so results can be achieved on time.
  • Ensure compliance with the law and act with a high level of ethics.

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