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We will attempt to reply promptly to all inquiries. However, in some cases there may be delays due to details regarding an inquiry.
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We regret to inform you that we are currently unable to respond in multiple languages, and thus only English can be used on this page.


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Understanding and Agreement of Inquiry Policy

  • E-mails sent in response to inquiries are intended for the benefit of those individuals to whom the e-mails are addressed and exist as copyrighted material belonging to Daikin Industries, Ltd. and its group companies. Contents of these e-mails may not be forwarded or otherwise distributed without the expressed consent of Daikin Industries, Ltd. and its group companies.
  • Personal information provided by those making inquiries is used to contact customers and reply to inquiries.
  • All personal information provided to Daikin Industries, Ltd. and its group companies are responsibly handled and properly protected from disclosure or misuse.
  • Click here to view our policy on personal information.

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