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List of Daikin's Social Contribution Activities

List of Support for Environmental Protection

Base Recipient of support, details of support
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan)

"Forests for the Air" project
Forest protection in Indonesia.

(C) Conservation International /Photo by Anton Ario

Reforestation volunteer activities in Shiretoko

Rejuvenating a forest in Harashiroyama, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture.
Rejuvenating a forest in Izuhara, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture.
Daikin Europe N.V.

Employees and their families took part in a beach cleanup in Ostende, Belgium, near company plant.

Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. Contributed to forest protection by purchasing office paper from a company doing tree-planting.

Developing a biotope onsite at the plant.

Participating in the "Clean Advantage" CCS project that converts fuel purchased into CO2 and invests in projects to reduce CO2 emissions from automobiles.

Conducting environmental education (including waste separation) for kindergartners.

Daikin Device Czech Republic s.r.o.

Onsite cleanup activities during Earth Day.

Daikin Turkey A.S.

The Clean Air Ambassador Project aims to educate children on environmental protection.

Held environmental problems seminar.
Called for participation in WWF Earth Hour (energy saving).
Daikin Airconditioning France S.A.S. Recovered used paper for recycling, which contributed to earnings.
Recycled commercial products and parts, which contributed to earnings.
Daikin Airconditioning Germany GmbH Proactively donated to research project aimed at decarbonizing the German economy.
Daikin Air-conditioning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Conducted tree-planting inside industrial park.

Daikin Air-conditioning (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Cleanup activities around plant.

Daikin Device (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Tree-planting activities at a local school.

Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd.

Community cleanup activities.

Providing environmental education to elementary school students.

Participating in tree-planting activities.

McQuay Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.

Tree-planting activities.

Shenzhen McQuay Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. On national Tree-Planting Day, all employees planted vegetation on the company premises.

90 employees held a cleanup activity on Wutong Mountain in Shenzhen.

Cleanup activities at Nanmenshan, Pinghu Ecological Garden.
McQuay China (Suzhou)

To raise awareness of environmental protection, employees held a cleanup in nearby mountains.

Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Participating in tree-planting and cleanup activities at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM).
Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Planting 2,500 trees in a community forest.

Cleaning up the Bangsaen coast along with government agency employees and Burapha University students.

Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.

Conducted tree-planting inside industrial park.
Held mangrove rejuvenation activities.

Activities at the Wat Khao Ma Phud temple.

PT. Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia Replanting pine trees destroyed by fire.
Goodman Global Group, Inc.

Participation in the Adopt-A-Country Mile (AACM) program (trash removal to maintain cleanliness on Harris County roadways).

Daikin America, Inc.

Employees volunteered at a local recycling center.

Supporting Recycle Day held by the City of Decatur.

List of Support for Education

Base Recipient of support, details of support
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan) Held "Circle of Life" environmental education program for elementary schools.
Held science experiment classes at elementary schools.
Took part in program with Osaka Prefecture University to foster next generation of scientists through experiment-based classes at junior high schools.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Sakai Plant) Support for the Sakai Rugby School
The Kanaoka Factory lends its field three times a month to the Sakai Rugby School.
In fiscal 2016, about 150 elementary and junior high school rugby players took part.

Factory tours to educate local elementary school students about working society
In fiscal 2016, 251 students from three schools took tours.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Yodogawa Plant) Kendo Training Hall for Children
Classes were held three times a week, with 12 students each time.

Factory tours for local elementary schools
In fiscal 2017, 117 students from two schools took tours.

Experience work days for local junior high school students
In fiscal 2017, three second-year junior high students from Daiyon Junior High School in Settsu City took part.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Shiga Plant)

Factory tours and environmental study were offered for elementary school students in the city as part of social studies lessons on local industry and science lessons on observing nearby nature
In fiscal 2017, 105 students from one school took part.

Daikin field opened to the public
Daikin opened up its field to the public to use for baseball, pitch-and-putt golf, softball, and other activities.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Kashima Plant)

Daikin employees give lessons at local elementary schools Starting in autumn 2010, employees led fluorochemical experiments for upper-class elementary school students.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Soka Station) Facilities were open to local citizens on weekends and holidays: children and teenagers used the field for sports, while the activities plaza was used for pitch-and-putt golf.
Daikin Europe N.V.

Hosted internships for university students, contributed products for practical training to technical schools and made donations to schools.

Daikin Airconditioning Belgium N.V. Contributed products for practical training to technical schools.
Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. Accepted internship students and donated to educational programs for children aged four to six years old.
Daikin Device Czech Republic s.r.o.

Cooperated with local communities and universities on employment.

Daikin Applied Europe S.p.A.

Accepted internship students, introduced work opportunities, contributed to local schools and presented the Daikin Award to a young researcher contributing to biodiversity conservation.

Daikin Airconditioning France S.A.S. Accepted internship students.
Daikin AC Spain, S.A. Supported schools and other organizations.
Daikin Turkey A.S. Donated books and sports equipment to village schools.
Supported high school group in robot building competition.
Daikin McQuay Middle East FZE Donated six air conditions to schools.
McQuay Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Hosted interns, provided educational support to employing universities.

Supporting elementary schools.

Daikin Air-Conditioning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Gave factory tours to students from across China and Japanese university students.
Gave factory tours to government and social organizations.
Established Daikin Class at local trade school. Provided scholarships to students.
Donated to educational projects in the City of Shanghai.
Donated school supplies to elementary school.
Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded scholarships to local schools.
Daikin Fluoro Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Held factory tours and made monetary donation to elementary schools.
Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Technical Vocational Education Training Program.

Cooperation with vocational training conducted by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

Held factory tours for local university students.

Donated to local universities, provided scholarships to students.
Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Donated funds and air conditioners to elementary schools.

Repaired school house and maintained roads.

Contributed to educational scholarships.

Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.

Held factory tours for students.

Donated to schools.
Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd.

Donated computers to schools.

Established nine technical education centers.

Established the Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) with the aim of developing human resources in Japanese manufacturing processes.

Established a library and gymnasium at a public women's college.
Daikin Australia Pty., Ltd. Hosted interns.
Daikin America, Inc. Tied up with university to provide scholarships.

Held homestay program in Japan for American high school students.

Hosted internship students.

Held factory tour for high school students.

Goodman Global Group, Inc.

Conducted a homestay program in Japan for local high school students.

Sponsored an art contest.

List of Support for Promotion of Arts and Culture

Base Recipient of support, details of support
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan) National Museum of Art, Osaka
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum
Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra
Kansai Nikikai Public Interest Incorporated Association
Japan Opera Foundation
Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra
Telemann Institute Japan Support Group
Tokyo Nikikai Opera Foundation
New Japan Philharmonic
NHK Symphony Orchestra
New National Theatre, Tokyo
Association for Corporate Support of the Arts
Kamigata Entertainment Culture Society
National Association of High School Guitar and Mandolin Music
Friendship Society of National Museum of Art, Osaka
Arts Support Kansai
Takarazuka Review Supporters
Osaka Nohgaku Youseikai Kouenkai
Osaka Symphony Orchestra
International Music Exchange Association
National Museum of Ethnology
Rekishi Kaido Promotional Council 
Paleological Association of Japan
Fan Club of Mozart-Kammerorchester Japan
Art Stream 2017
Dojima Yakushido
Ryozen Museum of History
Osaka Wasso Cultural Exchange Association
Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris
Japanese Red Cross Society, Osaka Chapter
Living & Design 2017
25th EU-Japan Fest
Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. Sponsored international music festival Young Prague.
Sponsored the AMEROPA international indoor music festival.
Daikin America, Inc.

Made donation to local theater.

Lent support to a local art school.
Held art contest at a local elementary school.
Supported the Carnegie Art Center.

List of Support for Promotion of Sports

Base Recipient of support, details of support
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan) Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament
Osaka Council, Scout Association of Japan
Booster club of Kyoto University football team
Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o. Employees took part in the Pilsen Half Marathon.
Made donation to the Pilsen ice hockey team.
Daikin Turkey A.S. Donated to a local soccer school.
Supported local billiard team activities.
Supported local amateur soccer team.
Daikin Airconditioning France S.A.S. Made monetary donation to support activities of the French national ice hockey team.
Daikin Airconditioning Germany GmbH Sponsored the BMV Open tennis tournament.
Sponsored the BTV Bayern tennis association.
Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd.

Donated to international men's basketball game.

Daikin Australia Pty. Ltd. Supported Port City Charity Golf Day.
Daikin America, Inc.

Made donations to support construction of facilities for softball.

Donated to a golf tournament.

List of Activities for Local Citizens

Base Recipient of support, details of support
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Sakai Plant) Holds annual Bon dance festival.

Continued participation in "Adopt a Road" cleanup initiative Under Sakai City's public cleanup campaign, employees took turns cleaning up the streets once a month. The area around the plant and nearby sidewalks were cleaned.
At the Kanaoka Plant, employees planted greenery nearby and cleaned up the streets, and employees of the waterfront plants picked up litter on the median dividing the main street.

Anti-noise measures
Employees patrolled the plant at night to ensure there was no disturbing noise or vibration that would disturb nearby residents.
When the sound-proof wall was erected, to make the structure less imposing, a sound-proof glass wall was put up at strategic points, and trees were planted.
Aesthetic measures
To improve the view from the adjacent high-rise apartment building, the plant roof had its rust removed and was painted.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Yodogawa Plant) Holds annual Bon dance festival.

Areas around the site cleaned up (once a month).
Employees took part in cleanup of local waterways (twice a year).
Area around main and west gates (near bus stops) was cleaned up (everyday).

Aesthetic improvement of urban area
Sponsored a 'tulip art' event in Settsu.
Had a booth in the Settsu City environmental festival.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Shiga Plant) Holds annual Bon dance festival
Weeding and cleanup
Employees removed weeds that had spread to adjoining public roads and picked up litter.

Litter was picked up around the plant (3 times a year).

Greenery enhancement
Weeding, flower planting, and care for the cherry trees was carried out.
To mark the Shiga Plant's 40th anniversary, in fiscal 2010, 40 cherry trees were planted on the premises and cherry trees were donated to Kusatsu City.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Kashima Plant)

Holds a summer festival.
Cleanup around the plant
Cleanup staff were sent out (twice a month), cleanup days of plant held (once a month).

Took part in cleanup of industrial park along with other companies
The association of 24 companies in the industrial park held a cleanup twice a year.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Soka Station) Holds annual Bon dance festival and cleanups of areas surrounding the site (twice a year).
Holds blood donation drive.
Daikin Applied Europe S.p.A. Sponsored a local festival.
Donated to a charitable foundation.
Daikin Europe N.V.

Supported an event in aid of cancer patients.

Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o.

Built a new bus stop.

Held Family Day.

Daikin Device Czech Republic, s.r.o. Provided a local firefighting unit with necessary supplies.

Donated to various charity organizations that support the disabled and others.

Daikin Airconditioning Belgium N.V. Engaged in various donation activities including contributions to cancer funds and barrier-free buildings.
Daikin Airconditioning U.K., Ltd. Supported a range of charity activities.
Daikin AC Spain, S.A. Support for charity and other groups.
Daikin Turkey A.S. Invited 12 children from "Protect the Children Association" to Family Day.
Supported various women's rights projects.
Supported high school blood donation campaign.
Daikin Air-conditioning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Holds annual Bon dance festival.
Held blood donation drive.
Formed a volunteer brigade.
Daikin Device (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Blood donation activities.

Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd.

Visited a children's hospital and made donations.

Donated daily necessities and other items to a seniors home.

Supported the holding of a local cherry blossom festival.

Condolence visit to local fire department.

Contributed to volunteer organization.

Concluded contribution agreement with charity foundation (supported families with lifestyle difficulties).
Daikin Fluoro Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Cleaned up area around the factory.
Gave to charity for needy families.
Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Held a blood drive

Donated wheelchairs to children's ward and distributed bags of goodies (souvenirs).

Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd. Donated air conditioners to local government.

Joined blood donor clinics for the Thai Red Cross.

Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.

Engaged in activities raising awareness about the safety and health of monks in the surrounding area by increasing understanding.

Donated to government and other organizations.
Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd.

Held blood donation drive.

Daikin Australia Pty. Ltd.

Held a drive to collect toys to donate to a shelter for children taken from homes experiencing domestic violence.

Supported families possessing customized houses for sick children.
Supported the Australian North Cyprus Friendship Association.
Supported men's cabins in Southern Brisbane.

Donated to hospitals, cancer associations and community events.

Daikin America, Inc. Contributed to Morgan County and non-profit charitable organizations.
Daikin Texas Technology Park Held Neighbors Night.

Supported non-profit organizations.

Daikin PT Sponsored dolphin watching tour.

List of Support for Disaster Victims

Base Recipient of support, details of support
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japan) Contributed to fund for Houston hurricane victims.
Daikin Europe N.V.

Contributed to fund for Houston hurricane victims.

Daikin Airconditioning Belgium N.V. Donated proceeds from local soccer team charity tournament to fund for Houston hurricane victims
Daikin Airconditioning Italy S.p.A. Contributed to fund for Houston hurricane victims.
Daikin McQuay Middle East FZE Contributed to fund for Houston hurricane victims.

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