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Harmony with Communities—Strengthening Bonds


We want to be a good corporate citizen by being keen to the problems of the communities we operate in and conducting activities that lead to solutions.

Employees at regional Daikin bases have planned ways to interact with local communities. Employees will continue to be front and center by listening to the needs of the community: this will make Daikin a known and trusted member of local society.

Building Trust with Communities

Responding Sincerely to Opinions from Local Communities

Each company site has an office or representative assigned to promote communication with local communities. Assigned personnel hold regular meetings with local community representatives and take other measures to proactively promote company-community interactions and receive any community complaints. And with the aim of being a plant open to the community, each Daikin company site welcomes community associations and citizens for factory tours.

Designees at each company site look into complaints and suggestions from local community members and, if necessary, discuss them to the relevant departments of the Headquarters, and then make a sincere effort to respond.

Correspondence between Company Sites and Local Community Members

Site Type of Correspondence
  • Group meeting with local community association (once yearly)
  • Community interactions via municipal government, police, fire departments, and labor standards office
  • Participation in the Sakai City environmental executive committee
  • Visits to companies in industrial park (once yearly)
  • Information exchanges with major local companies (twice yearly)
  • Visits to local businesses and neighboring community association boards (about twice yearly)
  • Interactions with relevant public offices and affiliated organizations (attendance at general meetings and board meetings with the municipal office, police, fire departments, and other related departments) (when necessary; about four times yearly)
  • Local community association board factory tour and group meeting (once yearly)
  • Exchange with local community association (4 times a year)
  • Group meetings to discuss association activities and various topics with municipal government, police, fire departments, and labor standards office, etc.
  • Providing human resources and other assistance for various local community activities
  • Administrative board factory tour
  • Attendance at cordial gatherings meetings
  • Attendance at regional meetings of the Japan Responsible Care Council
  • Meetings and talks with municipal government and nearby neighborhood associations
  • Participation in fire department, police, and industry associations

A Safe Plant Open to the Community

The Daikin Group does all it can to make its plants safe so that nearby residents can live in peace of mind. When there is noise or vibration from operations of a plant, we set up a number that residents can call so that we can quickly deal with any complaints.

Besides group meetings with community associations to discuss topics like safety and disaster prevention, Daikin plant employees take part in local disaster prevention drills as part of their efforts to work with the community in making Daikin facilities safe.

Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Prevention Drills at All Sites

The Daikin Group has measures in place at all sites should there ever be a natural disaster. Besides providing its factories as evacuation shelters in the event of a disaster, Daikin companies have supplies of food, water, and emergency equipment.

In August 2012, Japan's Central Disaster Management Council announced the damage estimated in case of the possible future major earthquake along the Nankai trough. In case of such an earthquake, all relevant Daikin bases are ready to use their experience from the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, and they have revised measures based on the predictions of the Central Disaster Management Council.

Daikin sites hold disaster prevention drills every year, which are analyzed afterwards to study ways to improve disaster prevention measures. Daikin bases in Japan have introduced an employee safety confirmation system for determining and whereabouts and safety of employees when disaster strikes.

Interactions with Local Communities (Japan)

Deepening Interactions with Local Communities

Daikin realizes the importance of interacting with local residents as a member of the community. In 1973, Daikin Industries, Ltd. became one of the first companies to create a Local Community Section within its organization, through which it has been deepening interactions with local communities. Instead of this Local Community Section, today each company plant makes efforts to interact directly with local communities. Daikin's goal is to be a good corporate citizen that creates closeness among all people and works with communities in order to abundant lives and lifestyles. We will continue to value our relationship with nearby citizens and strive to be a company known and loved for its contributions to society.

Also as part of efforts to be a trusted and valuable member of society, we hold factory tours, summer festivals, and other events to promote communication and understanding between Daikin and communities.

Daikin Bon dance festival

Daikin Bon dance festival

Deepening Community Relations around the World at Summer Bon Dance Festivals

The Daikin-sponsored traditional Bon dance festival is a major event attracting large crowds of locals every summer.
The Bon dance festival began in 1971 as a social gathering for young employees of our Yodogawa Plant, and later expanded into a program open to the community and eventually grew to encompass the entire area.
The event has evolved into one of Japan's largest corporate-sponsored Bon dances and has been reported in media around the world as a successful example of interactions between companies and the community.
In fiscal 2017, Bon dance festivals at Daikin plants in Japan welcomed over 40,000 visitors.

At the Sakai Plant , young employees and local elementary school students put on a joint taiko drum performance. In support of victims of the April 2016 earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan, food stands sold representative dishes of Kumamoto and Oita and a portion of the proceeds were donated. There were also stands selling goods of Kumamoto and Oita companies hurt by the disaster, as well as donation boxes set up.
Led by the 40-member Bon dance executive committee, approximately 900 employees took part in making this event a success.

In addition, Daikin bases in China, the U.S., and other countries also held Bon dance festivals.

The Bon dance at Daikin America, Inc. welcomed 20,000 locals

The Bon dance at Daikin America, Inc. welcomed 20,000 locals

Conducting Neighborhood Cleanup and Tree-planting Activities

Employees at the Daikin plants in Yodogawa, Shiga, Sakai, and Kashima regularly pick up litter and pull up weeds in the surrounding areas.

At the Yodogawa Plant, regular cleanups were held and total participation came to 1,297 employees (cumulative total) for 2017.
Daikin employees also took part in a cleanup of waterways bordering on the Yodogawa Plant. In response to concerns voiced by the local community, such as fears of damage from last year's torrential rains and the lack of cleanup participants due to the aging of the local population, the Yodogawa Plant expanded the cleanups from once to twice a year, in spring and autumn from fiscal 2015. The 71 people who took part in spring waterway cleanup activities included division and section managers, union members, dormitory residents, and partner company employees. (The autumn waterway cleanup was cancelled due to inclement weather)

Once a month at the Sakai Plant, employees take turns joining a Sakai City beautification program to pick up litter and create an esthetically pleasing local environment.
At the Kanaoka Plant, employees plant vegetation and clean up around the plant; and at the Rinkai Factory, employees pick up litter around the factory and along the median of the road. About 50 employees take part in each activity.

At the Shiga Plant in fiscal 2015, a cumulative total of 1,500 employees took part in three cleanups of the surrounding area aimed at totally eliminating litter.

At the Kashima Plant, a cumulative total of 240 employees took part in monthly cleanups around the perimeter of the plant, as well as an annual weeding effort.

In December 2015, the Tokyo Office signed an agreement for an adopt-a-forest program with the local government of Minato Ward in Tokyo and since January 2016 has been conducting monthly cleanup activities around the Konan entrance of JR Shinagawa Station. A cumulative total of 300 employees took part in cleanups between January and December 2017.

Yodogawa Plant employees pick up litter

Yodogawa Plant employees pick up litter

Tokyo Office employees conduct a cleanup

Tokyo Office employees conduct a cleanup

Interactions with Local Communities (Overseas)

Contributing to Communities Around the World

Daikin meets local needs by interacting with and contributing to each of the communities it is located in.
Daikin bases overseas also provide locals with factory tours whenever possible in order to gain citizens' understanding and be a company truly rooted in the community.

Employees at Daikin's worldwide bases take part in cleanups of surrounding areas and scenic spots.

McQuay China (Suzhou)

McQuay China (Suzhou)

Employees held a Christmas party at a facility for the disabled, where they presented the children with gifts and led games.

Daikin Applied Europe S.p.A.
Daikin Airconditioning Italy S.p.A.

Daikin Applied Europe S.p.A. Daikin Airconditioning Italy S.p.A. Others

Source: Federazione Nazionale Brigate di Solidarieta Attiva
Daikin provided relief funds to areas affected by an earthquake in central Italy, as well as relief supplies such as air conditioners for evacuation shelters.


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