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CSR for Value Provision
Customer Satisfaction


Providing Peace of Mind and Reliability through a Focus on Customer Orientation, Experience, Performance, and Advanced Technologies

Targets of CSR Action Plan 2020

Developing business in more than 150 countries throughout the world, Daikin provides customers with the highest degree of satisfaction by ensuring a high level of quality through efforts to provide products and services meeting local needs.
We regularly listen to customer feedback from around the world and utilize this feedback in product development in a continued pursuit of customer satisfaction throughout the product life cycle.

Fiscal 2018 Achievements

We measured how much we improved after-sales service customer satisfaction compared to the base year.

Customer Satisfaction (when base year is 1.00)

Japan (compared to fiscal 2015):


Singapore (compared to fiscal 2015):


Indonesia (compared to fiscal 2017):


India (compared to fiscal 2016):


Spain (compared to fiscal 2016):



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