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CSR for Value Provision
Human Resources


Respecting Individual Personalities and Values, and Maximizing the Potential of Each Employee

Targets of CSR Action Plan 2020

For Daikin to realize sustainable growth, human resources are the most critical component of these endeavors.
Through initiatives focused on human resource development, ensuring diversity and occupational safety and health, we aim to create an organization able to grow alongside society that enables all employees to work actively with purpose and maximize their skills.

Fiscal 2020 Achievements

In terms of human resource development, we measure the degree to which employees have grown in terms of manufacturing leadership abilities. In terms of diversity, we track the appointment of local nationals as presidents at overseas bases. In terms of occupational safety and health, we analyze the safety of operations at manufacturing bases.

Ratio of excellent or advanced skilled engineers in manufacturing

1 in 3.3 employees (Daikin Industries, Ltd. Only)

Percentage of overseas bases where local nationals are presidents

43% (Overseas bases)

Frequency rate (shows frequency of occurrence of labor accidents)



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