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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Policy

So that we can continue to contribute to society, the Daikin Group uses every means possible to gather the opinions of stakeholders, report these to company officers, and reflect them in our management, all with a focus on stakeholder engagement*.

The Daikin Group's main stakeholders are the customers to whom we provide the Group's products and services, those directly affected by our business including shareholders, investors, employees, and business partners, as well as members of local communities, who are affected by our business activities. Moreover, the national and local governments of the countries where we do business, and those countries' industry groups, are connected to our efforts to improve environmental performance and disseminate environmental technologies. But no single group of stakeholders has priority over another; they are all important to the Daikin Group.

Stakeholder engagement
The process of being actively involved with one or more stakeholders through dialogue or other means, with the aim of achieving a mutually acceptable outcome, in the course of a corporation's integration of its social responsibility into day to day practice. (From the Keidanren's Charter of Corporate Behavior)

Stakeholder Engagement Efforts

Stakeholders Main dialogue methods and opportunities Main dialogue representatives at Daikin
  • Daily sales activities
  • Contact Center
  • Showrooms
  • Dialogue during repair visits
  • “Thank You” sales events and product explanations at distributors
Sales divisions
Service Division
  • Shareholders' Meeting
  • Briefings for investors
  • Integrated Report, business reports
  • Information for investors on Website
General Affairs Department
Corporate Communication Division
  • Daily procurement activities
  • Supplier briefings
  • Supplier Quality Conferences
  • Quality improvement announcement meetings
  • Quality audits
Procurement Division
  • Interviews based on employee self-assessments
  • Labor-management council meetings, labor union council meetings
  • Group Management Meeting
  • Global managers’ meetings
Human Resources Division
Corporate Planning Department
  • Informing local community of emergency disaster drills
  • Factory tours
  • Involvement with local groups and events
  • Providing environmental education
Group companies
Daikin bases
CSR Division
  • Dialogue with NPOs and NGOs
CSR Division
  • Dialogue with government representatives in each country
  • Dialogue with UN representatives
  • Participation in industry activities
  • Research in joint industry–academia initiatives
  • Air Conditioner Forums
Group companies
Daikin bases
PR divisions
CSR Division
Research Department

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