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Response to Climate Change

Energy-Efficiency through Fluorochemical Products and Oil Hydraulic Products

Response to Climate Change

Fluorine Characteristics Help Solar Cells Last Longer

Making the most of fluoropolymers' chemical resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance, Daikin provides materials that contribute to the spread of solar cells. For example, the fluororesin material ZEFFLE is used in the back sheet of solar cells to prevent the infiltration of infrared rays and moisture, both of which harm the interior of solar cells. Thinner than conventional fluoropolymer film while offering the same weather-proofing and durability, ZEFFLE is being increasingly used on solar panels.

The fluororesin (ETFE)* used for the surface protection film on solar cells has high light transmittance and lasts for more than 20 years under the sunlight. It is lighter than the glass film conventionally used for surface protection, and it is used in flexible solar cells that bring solar energy to a wider range of applications. We are also improving light-harvesting ability by modifying the film surface and making use of the high-dielectric properties of fluoropolymers as we conduct research and development into products that help miniaturize the film condensers used in power conditioners and other such equipment.

* ETFE: A fluoropolymer with superb chemical resistance and insulation qualities. It is used as coating for items such as electrical wires.

Daikin Launched New R-407H, Refrigerant with 62% Lower Global Warming Potential

Daikin developed and launched new R-407H refrigerant for freezers and refrigerators, which has an approximately 62% lower global warming potential (GWP) than R-404A, the refrigerant commonly used today in freezers and refrigerators. R-407H is already being adopted, mainly in European markets.

Oil Hydraulic Equipment

Energy-Efficient Hybrid Hydraulic Super Unit
Energy Savings and Lower CO2 Emissions in Factories

Daikin also leads the industry in making energy-efficient hydraulic units for factory production lines.

The energy-efficient hybrid hydraulic Super Unit employs the same motor inverter technology that is used in Daikin's energy-efficient air conditioners. The Super Unit determines the load on the machine, depending on whether it is in standby, operation, or pressure holding mode, and electronically controls the pump at the necessary RPM. The result is energy savings of more than 50% in pressure holding mode (compared to Daikin piston pumps). For use on presses, vulcanizers, casting machines, and a wide range of other industrial equipment, it contributes to dramatic energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. We introduced new models and expanded the lineup in 2014. Because the Super Unit is not subject to electric motor high-efficiency restrictions enacted in April 2015, more and more customers have been looking at the Super Unit as a way to achieve greater energy efficiency. In 2017, we launched two for 37 kW models compatible with large machines that consume large amounts of power.

The Super Unit is widely used on industrial equipment around the world and has been highly rated for its superior precision and energy efficiency.

Electricity Consumption of Super Unit and Conventional Hydraulic Unit

Electricity Consumption of Super Unit and Conventional Hydraulic Unit

EcoRich Energy-efficient Hydraulic Unit
Helps Reduce Energy Consumption

EcoRich was developed in 1999 and was the world's first product to combine hydraulics technology and air conditioner motor inverter technology. It achieved approximately 50% lower energy consumption compared to Daikin's piston pump. In 2016, this product underwent a model change with the incorporation of high-efficiency IPM motor. Among its many features were a 30% decrease in energy consumption over the previous model and a 5°C reduction in oil temperature rise.

9 Series Oil Cooling Unit
Product Lineup Expanded to Meet Extensive Range of Needs

In machine tools, Daikin's 9 Series Oil Cooling Unit makes possible detailed temperature control of the lubricating and cooling oil, which has a major effect on the precision of the work.

Daikin's 9 Series Oil Cooling Unit allows temperature adjustment to ±0.1°C. In addition, with inverter control and the most advanced compressor, it offers 45% greater energy efficiency than conventional on/off controllers. It was also one of the first oil cooling units for industrial machinery to be certified for the EU's RoHS Directive*.

In September 2014, we added to the lineup an immersion type large-capacity series (5HP) and a large-capacity series (2-3HP) for industrial machinery chillers, allowing us to meet a wider range of customer needs than ever.

RoHS Directive: The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive is an EU directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment in order to reduce harmful impacts on human health and the environment.
Immersion type products 9 Series Oil Cooling Unit

Immersion type products 9 Series Oil Cooling Unit


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