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CSR for Value Provision


Introduce State-of-the-art Technologies to the Market in Order to Address Environmental and Energy Issues

Targets of CSR Action Plan 2020

Air conditioners are vital to the lives of many people around the world, but they consume large amounts of energy during operation, and fluorocarbons used as refrigerants significantly influence climate change.

In addition to reducing Group-wide greenhouse gas emissions during production processes by 70% compared to fiscal 2005, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 million tons-CO2 by promoting environment-conscious products using inverter technologies and low environmental impact refrigerants throughout the world.

Fiscal 2018 Achievements

We measure our contribution to greenhouse gas emission reductions based on the percentage of sales volume of environmentally conscious products and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing.

Contribution to greenhouse gas emission reductions

67 million tons-CO2

Percentage of sales volume of environmentally conscious products


Reduction ratio of greenhouse gas emissions from development and production (over fiscal 2005)



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