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Environmental Management

Management Structure

Environmental Management

Toward the realization of a sustainable society, Daikin makes environmental issues, particularly response to alleviation of the effects of climate change, a key theme in its efforts to provide value to society through its business activities.

Air conditioners, our flagship products, consume large amounts of electricity, and the fluorocarbons they use as refrigerants contribute to climate change. In responding appropriately to the risks that could arise, we implement an environmental strategy, led by directors in charge of environmental protection, in which we disseminate the energy-efficient environmentally conscious products and services that are our main strength.

Directors in charge of environmental protection lead annual regional environmental meetings (in Japan, Europe, North America, China, and Asia-Oceania) attended by environmental managers from each base as part of Daikin's management of environmental issues related to climate change, water, and waste.

Directors in charge of environmental protection are also members of the CSR Committee. This committee meets to discuss action policy on climate change, set targets and confirm how well they are being achieved, and look at the risks and opportunities for Daikin. Results of the meetings are reported to the Board of Directors. In fiscal 2017 meeting, attendees shared information on institutional investors such as the Climate Action 100+ initiative and social trends aimed at meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement, and also discussed details of Daikin's long-term environmental vision. They also confirmed Daikin's contribution to greenhouse gas emission reductions through the dissemination of environmentally conscious products, and how well the company is doing in setting and achieving climate-related targets such as greenhouse gas emissions from production.

System Driving Environmental Management

System Driving Environmental Management


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