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Environmental Management

Environmental Audits

Environmental Management

Environmental Audits

Audit by Internal Auditors and Certification Bodies

At Daikin, based on ISO 14001, inspections by certification bodies are conducted and internal audits are implemented annually. Internal audits focus on conformity with standards and confirmation of legal compliance.

Since the Daikin Group in Japan transitioned to ISO 14001:2015 in fiscal 2016, new initiatives have begun to take hold. The internal audit for fiscal 2020 focused on response to risks and opportunities following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and compliance with laws and regulations. One major nonconformity was revealed, but it has since been corrected after clarifying rules, improving competence, and implementing multiple checks. Inspections conducted by certification bodies revealed no nonconformities.

At each Daikin production site and production subsidiary, systems are in place to minimize environmental damage in the unlikely event that accidents or disasters should occur. Also, we seek closer interactions with nearby residents' associations and conduct factory tours among other daily efforts to maintain an emergency contact system coordinated with local communities.

Report from Audits (FY2020)

  Findings from internal environmental audits Findings by certification bodies
Major nonconformance 1 0
Minor nonconformance 9 0
Improvement 77 5

Internal Auditor Training

As of the end of fiscal 2020, there are currently 78 internal auditors undergoing training and skills improvement at the Daikin Group in Japan. Newly appointed and experienced auditors work in pairs so as to pass on skills from one generation to the next and 11 newly appointed auditors work as assistant auditors. Internal auditors also take annual training to improve their skills and ensure standards are being thoroughly met.

In fiscal 2020, the usual group training was conducted as virtual training, where participants learned more in depth about the ISO 14001 standard.

Going forward, we will focus on enhancing the skills of newly appointed auditors with an eye toward the generation change taking place among auditors.


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