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Effective Use of Resources

Water Resource Reduction

Basic Policy on Water Resource Reduction

The Daikin Group determines how much water it uses at its manufacturing sites and recycles as much water as possible in order to reduce water usage throughout the entire group.

In addition, as a company doing business globally, we identify bases where water risk exists and strive to protect water resources throughout the entire value chain.


Reducing Water Usage

Reusing Waste Water to Reduce Water Intake

At our plants, we periodically repair and patrol equipment that uses water in the production processes. The Daikin Group strives to reduce the water it uses by measuring the amount of water used and trying to reuse as much waste water as possible. As targets for fiscal 2015 against fiscal 2010, we strove to reduce water use per unit by the Daikin Group in Japan by 5% and water use per unit at overseas bases by 10%.

In fiscal 2015, we reduced water intake per unit of production by 4% in Japan and by 18% overseas against fiscal 2010. This was achieved by utilizing waste water recycling equipment, using rainwater, and by modifying washing processes.

In response to the important issue of water risk in recent years, we have identified bases where water risk exists and we are striving to reduce the amount of water we use.

Amount of Water Intake for the Daikin Group

Amount of Water Intake for the Daikin Group


Response to Water Risk

Operation Surveys in Water-stressed Regions

Water risk has become a pressing issue in recent years. Based on the Aqueduct water risk mapping tool of the World Resources Institute (WRI), since fiscal 2014 the Daikin Group has been surveying water-stressed regions. As a result, we have determined that we are operating in five regions, including India and inland China, where water stress is an issue.

Starting in fiscal 2015, in these regions and in production processes where we use large amounts of water, we decided to consider the amount of water intake minus the amount of wastewater as a loss of water resources. We therefore began surveying this amount of loss.

In the near future, we intend to reflect this effort in our Green Procurement Guidelines and have our suppliers start conducting surveys themselves, all as part of efforts to better manage water resources throughout the value chain.


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