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Basic Environmental Policy and
Environmental Action Plan

Basic Environmental Policy of the Daikin Group

Environmental Philosophy

Be a Company that Leads in Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices

As we continue developing our business operations in various fields, it is our mission to proactively develop initiatives to respond to environmental issues. Incorporating environmental initiatives throughout our management must be a priority for us.

In all aspects of our business operations, including product development, manufacturing and sales, we need to formulate initiatives that sustain and improve the environment. Meanwhile, we need to promote the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that will lead to a more environmentally healthy world.

Under the precept "environmental response is an important management resource," we must integrate environmental initiatives into our corporate management since they can lead to business expansion, improved business performance, and further enhancement of our credibility with outside parties. We intend to continue being a leading company in the practice of "environmental management," thus contributing to a healthier global environment as a good citizen of the earth.

Action Guidelines

  1. Ensure that all members of the Group deepen our understanding of environmental issues and take responsibility for the impact our actions have on society in general.
  2. Establish, promote, and continuously improve an Environmental Management System to actively and effectively implement Environmental Management as a Group.
  3. Develop and implement environmental initiatives in all aspects of our business operations, including product development, production, sales, distribution, services, and recycling.
    In particular, be a leader in society by developing products, technologies, and business opportunities that contribute to sustaining and improving our environment.
  4. Implement environmental initiatives that are globally consistent as well as promote initiatives that respond to the particular circumstances of each country and region.
    Furthermore, actively promote cooperation and alliances with related companies, external organizations, and institutions.
  5. Disclose environmentally related information in a truthful and fair manner. Listen to the views of people both inside and outside the company to continuously improve our environmental preservation efforts.

The Daikin Environment Symbol

In all of us, a green heart

In February 2002, we created an environmental symbol for the Daikin Group. In environmental protection activities, the little efforts that individuals make add up to big things. The symbol, the Earth in the shape of a green heart, represents a determination on the part of each and every employee of Daikin to think green (think of the Earth and take care of the environment).


Environmental Action Plan 2015

The Daikin Group positions environmental protection as one of its most important management tasks. Based on our strategic management plans, we formulate environmental action plans toward our goal of contributing to environmental protection in every way possible while simultaneously growing our business.

Under our Environmental Action Plan 2015, which targeted fiscal 2015, we strove for results based on the three pillars of (1) providing environmentally conscious products, (2) eco-conscious factories and offices, and (3) environmental cooperation with stakeholders.

For (1), we calculated that we were able to reduce CO2 emissions by 29.93 million tons-CO2 in emerging countries by spreading the use of energy-efficient inverter products. We also calculated that we were able to reduce CO2 emissions by 4.87 million tons-CO2 in industrialized countries through the spread of energy-efficient air conditioners and the low-global-warming-potential refrigerant HFC-32. The result was total worldwide CO2 emission reductions of 34.8 million tons-CO2 in fiscal 2015.

For (2), we were able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% (from 4.14 million tons-CO2 to 1.26 million tons-CO2), thus exceeding our target of a two-thirds (67%) reduction.

For (3), we continued biodiversity protection activities at 21 bases worldwide as we were able to strengthen ties with local communities and boost environmental awareness among our employees.

In fiscal 2016, we embarked upon Environmental Action Plan 2020, which is based on the Fusion 20 strategic management plan. Besides targeting the spread of inverter products in emerging countries, conversion to low-global-warming-potential refrigerants, and the spread of energy-efficient products in industrialized countries, we aim to contribute to CO2 reductions of 60 million tons-CO2 through our products.

Environmental Action Plan 2015

Action targets FY2015 target values FY2015 results Self assessment
Providing Environmentally Conscious Products
Provide the world with products that help customers reduce CO2 emissions.

Disseminating energy-efficient air conditioners to reduce CO2 emissions.

Develop next-generation refrigerants.

Disseminate heat-pump type heating systems.
Offer energy-saving solutions.

Through expansion in the widespread use of energy-saving products such as those using inverters, aim to help curtail CO2 emissions by 30 million* tons for emerging countries.

Disseminated air conditioners using HFC-32

* Estimate of CO2 emission reductions from the use of energy-efficient inverter products sold by Daikin, compared to CO2 emissions from the use of non-inverter products. The emission reductions figure is annual reduction amount multiplied by product lifespan.

Estimated 29.93 million tons-CO2 curtailment

Note: Underwent third-party review

Sold 6.5 million units in 48 countries

Environmentally-conscious Factories & Offices
Minimize environmental impact from production and other activities.
Greenhouse gases Reduce CO2 emissions. Reduce fiscal 2015 levels to 1/3 (67%) of the level compared with fiscal 2005. 70% reduction ★★★
Japan Reduce per-unit CO2 from energy use by 20% against fiscal 2005. 23% reduction ★★★
Overseas Reduce per-unit CO2 from energy use by 10% against fiscal 2010. 3% increase
Waste Reduce overall amount of waste by effectively using resources. Japan Machinery-related: Reduce per-unit emissions by 5% against fiscal 2010. 9% reduction ★★★
Chemical-related: Reduce per-unit emissions by 10% against fiscal 2010. 19% reduction ★★★
Overseas Reduce per-unit emissions at all bases by 10% against fiscal 2010. 3% reduction
Water Reduce amount used. Japan Reduce per-unit emissions by 5% against fiscal 2010. 4% reduction ★★
Overseas Reduce per-unit emissions at all bases by 10% against fiscal 2010. 18% reduction ★★★
Chemicals Reduce emissions of substances of concern Japan Reduce PRTR substances by 15% against fiscal 2010. 23% reduction ★★★
Reduce VOCs by 20% against fiscal 2010. 19% reduction ★★
Overseas Reduce per-unit VOCs by 10% against fiscal 2010. 19% reduction ★★★
Green Heart Factories Achieve environmentally conscious plants. Have major production sites certified as Super Green Heart Factories. 3 bases in Japan,
4 bases overseas
Have all production sites certified as Green Heart Factories. 5 bases in Japan,
20 bases overseas
Green Heart Offices Achieve environmentally conscious offices. Have major bases in Japan certified as Green Heart Offices. 2 bases in Japan
Environmental Cooperation with Stakeholders   Expand the Green Heart circle to Daikin worldwide.
Environmental and social contribution activities Join local governments, citizens, and NPOs to make environmental and social contributions at each global base according to regional characteristics. Carry out environmental and social contribution activities (forest restoration, tree-planting, environmental education, protection of biodiversity within Daikin bases) at worldwide bases. Implemented at 21 bases worldwide ★★

Self assessment: Shows level of achievement of targets in three designations:

★★★ : Succeeded   ★★ : Will soon succeed   ★ : Doing all we can


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