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Refrigeration Systems

In order to ensure the stability of the food supply network, Daikin has been developing and selling various types of refrigeration systems used throughout the entire cold chain.

We select the appropriate refrigerants depending upon the application type, temperature range, safety requirements and region. It is also very important to consider reducing total greenhouse gas emissions in the entire lifecycle of the system including energy efficiency.

To further our efforts to mitigate the impact of global warming, Daikin will continue to evaluate and utilize the next best alternative refrigerant solution considering a total assessment of the environment, energy efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. We will also strive to contribute to solving important social issues such as food loss and food waste by supporting a stable cold chain around the world.

Daikin's appropriate refrigerant selection for Refrigeration Equipment

Daikin's appropriate refrigerant selection for Refrigeration Equipment

Under plannning. Others have been commercialized.

See refrigerants list for more details.

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