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Fundamental CSR
Supply Chain Management


Fulfill our social responsibility through environmental impact reduction, quality assurance, and occupational safety and health throughout the entire supply chain

Why is it important?

Today, supply chains stretch around the world, which has given rise to such problems as environmental destruction, labor issues including occupational health and safety, and human rights issues such as child labor and forced labor mainly in emerging countries. There is also a growing tendency to attempt to solve social issues by boycotting or taking other measures against companies with such problems in their supply chains. Companies need to step up CSR initiatives not only for their own company but encompassing their entire supply chain.


Daikin established its Purchasing Policy in 1992 and strives to engage in fair transactions with its business partners. We recognize the scope of our social responsibilities encompass not only our Group, but also the entire supply chain. As such, we established the Green Procurement Guidelines and Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines and we are promoting CSR initiatives in the supply chain that cover the environment, quality, occupational safety and human rights.


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