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6 September 2022

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Daikin Relocates its Head Office

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Daikin Industries, Ltd. announces the relocation of its head office on November 24, 2022, to Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South in Kita-ku, Osaka.

Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South

In addition to further enhancing reception and project rooms to stimulate customer interaction, the new office incorporates an open office design that removes walls to encourage lively communication between departments with the aim of generating ideas and innovation. Similarly, improved productivity and work quality are expected for each individual employee through the development of an office and IT infrastructure environment that facilitates work by providing comfortable workspaces where employees can freely concentrate on their work along with plentiful meeting rooms that support online meetings.

In 2024, Daikin will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. As the head office of the Daikin Group, which operates in more than 170 countries worldwide, the new location looks to promote creation of an environment where diverse human resources can play an active role in striving for further growth and development during the company’s next 100 years of operation.

<Summary of New Head Office>

1. Location

Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South, 1-13-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0001
(General reception: 34th floor)

2. Main Phone

*The switch to the new phone number is scheduled for November 7, 2022.

3. Start Date

November 24, 2022


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