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20 March 2023

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Daikin Joins the WBCSD: World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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The Daikin Group has recently joined the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) which conducts discussions, research, and advocacy on sustainability issues such as climate change, destruction of nature, and increasing inequality.

The WBCSD is an international economic organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, established in 1995. With the goal of sustainable development, it provides a platform for member companies where they discuss, conduct research and compile opinions for advocacy while cooperating with governments, NGOs, and international organizations. Today, there are over 200 member companies from a wide range of sectors around the world, with combined sales of $8.5 trillion and over 19 million employees.

Over the years, Daikin has supplied products and services utilizing environmental technologies as the only company in the world that manufactures both air conditioners and refrigerants. Its core business of air conditioning, which has transformed the indoor environment in hot climate regions, is considered a part of the infrastructure that underpins society. Its products and services have been used to prevent heatstroke and improve air quality, thereby contributing to customers’ health and economic development by improving work efficiency. On the other hand, as worldwide demand for air conditioning is expected to triple by 2050, increased demand for electricity poses serious issues.

The Daikin Group’s social mission is to minimize the impact of future global warming while providing healthy and comfortable air environments that are safe and reliable, which has increased in importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Daikin is committed to being a company always looking for ways to resolve environmental and social issues while achieving business growth. By joining the WBCSD, Daikin will accelerate its contribution to sustainability by working together with many companies across sectors and regions to address climate change and other social issues.


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