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10 October 2023

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Daikin Receives “Good Design Award 2023” for Two Products:
“Floor Standing Air Conditioning Unit” and “HYBRID CERAMHEAT”

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Daikin Industries, Ltd. was awarded the “Good Design Award 2023” (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) for two products, its “Floor Standing Air Conditioner Unit” for Australia and New Zealand and “HYBRID CERAMHEAT,” a far infrared heater for Japan.

Established in 1957 as the only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion mechanism in Japan, the Good Design Award is a global design competition in which many companies and organizations from Japan and overseas participate. Its purpose is to make people’s lives and society better through design by evaluating and recognizing quality in various design areas including products, architecture, systems, and services. In 2023, a panel of judges consisting of domestic and international designers, architects, and assorted experts selected 1,548 submissions for the Good Design Award from among 5,447 entries.

With a company mission to enrich people’s lives through air and spaces, Daikin not only aims for aesthetic beauty in its product designs but also for new value creation by expanding the possibilities of air through design as a company that provides solutions with air.

For further information on Daikin’s award-winning products and design activities, please visit the company’s DAIKIN design website (Japanese).

[Award-Winning Products and Comments from the Judges]

1. “Floor Standing Air Conditioning Unit” for Australia and New Zealand (Scheduled for Release in March 2024)

The floor standing air conditioning unit is an environmentally conscious air conditioner that harmonizes with the local style of heating. In southern Australia and New Zealand, residents use indoor heating for more than half of the year, and fireplaces and hot water radiators are mainstream for their ability to thoroughly warm the body. However, with greater environmental awareness, people are increasingly replacing their existing heating systems for heat pump heating. Using Daikin’s unique two-way airflow, the product will undoubtedly be a favorite among local residents for delivering warmth in a similar fashion to that of a fireplace. It also has a function that quickly emits heat along the entire floor for people who only want to warm their feet. Slits were adopted in the front panel design to resemble hot water radiators and lend a nostalgic touch. The indoor unit can also be installed in the wall to free up space. In the future, Daikin plans to expand the product to Japan and North America.

Comments from the Judges:

This floor standing air conditioning unit for Australia and New Zealand is a product developed to fully reflect the local lifestyle in its design. In addition to the climate conditions of southern Australia and design requirements for temperature control, development focuses on the local culture and customs of people who gather around the heaters to stay warm and relax and people who may only want to keep their feet warm. The design effectively leverages Daikin’s unique and efficient two-way airflow while complementing living spaces without being overwhelming. We were greatly impressed with the company’s steady and sincere approach to development that recognizes user needs.

・Profile page of the award-winning product (Japanese) :

2. Far Infrared Heater “HYBRID CERAMHEAT” for Japan (released in October 2023)

This hybrid heater combines far infrared rays and warm air to provide users with an experience similar to relaxing in front of a fireplace. The front panel structure conceals internal mechanisms while providing both warmth and a stylish interior design. Safety is also taken into account with a perforated metal structure that suppresses temperature increases on the device surface. Product color and surface texturing*1 create a warm design inspired by fireplaces and ironware.

Comments from the Judges:

With its unique air passage and structural design, the product provides a safe and reliable heating experience that is not found with conventional far infrared heating systems. While it lacks a visual display of warmth from a light that is common with conventional electric heating equipment, the product can be said to be the result of a sincere approach that shows concern for safety during use. With a static design and CMF*2 that give it the appearance of a tool, the product will fit into a variety of spaces no matter the installation environment and will be affectionately used for many years. The intuitive operation provided by a large, symbolic dial-type interface on the top is another feature we liked. We would also like to commend the designers for actively working towards product commercialization.

・Profile page of the award winning product (Japanese) :

・Product press release page (Japanese) :

A type of ultra-fine processing that creates surface texturing patterns on metal surfaces
Refers to the three elements of color, material, and finish that comprise the surface of an object


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