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23 April 2024

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Daikin Selected For “Sustainability Transformation (SX) Brands 2024”

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Daikin Industries, Ltd. announces its selection to the “Sustainability Transformation (SX) Brands 2024”, which is jointly awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). SX Brands denote those outstanding companies listed on the TSE that are selected for enhancing their ability to create a source of funds for growth in a sustainable manner through SX to realize the improvement of corporate value. This brand was established for the first time with the purpose of introducing brands that appeal to investors who emphasize improvements in corporate value over the medium to long term.

Daikin’s aims for value creation in the long term is providing new value in the form of healthy and comfortable lifestyles and spaces while helping realize a better environment. In its strategic management plan “Fusion 25” targeting the fiscal year 2025, the company has focused on three growth strategy themes: “Challenge to Achieve Carbon Neutrality,” “Promotion of Solutions Business Connected with Customers,” and “Creating Value with Air.” Daikin has already established key Group themes to realize these aims and begun efforts toward implementation.

The main points evaluated in the selection this time are as follows:

  1. The strategic management plan "Fusion 25" formulates strategies from both aspects of backcasting and forecasting and incorporates them into concrete action plans. This helps improve understanding of the connections and consistency of each strategy.

  2. Rapid decision-making and efforts were seen from a governance perspective to establish an appropriate supervisory and monitoring system. For this reason, continuous and prompt review of strategies can be expected for changes in the external environment.

  3. The company works in the air conditioning business with a set of values and long-term strategy to develop business by identifying risks and opportunities related to climate change issues. Even while maintaining an overall perspective, Daikin demonstrates an orientation toward integration by promoting such views as technological capabilities being the source of its competitiveness.

  4. Utilizing its high technical capabilities, the company is actively working on rule formation in various regions of the world. Intellectual property strategy is effectively linked with its implementation strategies and contributes to the expansion of the air conditioning market.

Daikin strives for both business growth and the resolution of environmental and social issues by refining the strengths it has cultivated over the years as it continues to provide new value for a world undergoing significant changes.

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