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27 May 2024

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Daikin Establishes New Group Philosophy

OSAKA, Japan, May 27, 2024 - Daikin Industries, Ltd. has formulated a new “Daikin Group Philosophy.”

With operations in more than 170 countries and regions globally, Daikin has evolved into a corporate group with approximately 100,000 employees worldwide. In 2024, marking the 100th anniversary since its founding, the company used the opportunity to review “Our Group Philosophy”, which was established in 2002, with the aim of understanding, passing on, and evolving our strengths, sincerely responding to the expectations and demands of society and our stakeholders.

In the review, Daikin focused on creating a philosophy that clearly communicates to both internal and external stakeholders what it wants to be and what it is aiming for, while also indicating what it should value and what it should change in the midst of a drastically changing corporate environment. Daikin places importance on ensuring that its Group employees with diverse values working around the world can understand, feel sympathy and accept the new philosophy, then utilize it as a guide to their own actions.

Daikin Group Philosophy begins with its Purpose, and the specifics have been restructured from previously being ten chapters to a simple six chapters. In addition, the company has newly formulated “PCM Behaviors,” a set of action guidelines based on People-Centered Management (PCM), which it expects each and every employee of the Group to follow.

Daikin Group Philosophy

PCM Behaviors

Take Bold Action and Seek GrowthInnovation & Growth

People who strive to grow, challenge established norms, and lead innovation

Build Genuine Trustworthy Relationships and TeamworkTrust & Teamwork

People who share the Daikin Group's dreams and value dialogue and teamwork

Strive for ResultWinning & Achievement

People who aspire to achieve great results with passion, strong will, perseverance, and action

As a corporate group that continues to grow while earning the trust and satisfaction of its customers, the Daikin Group will further enhance its corporate value and pioneer a sustainable and prosperous future.

Background of the Review of Our Group Philosophy

Based on the trajectory of our constant growth, Daikin positioned it as an important management issue to review the strengths and sources of its competitiveness behind this growth, pass them on to the future generation, and further evolve.

At the same time, the environment surrounding companies is changing dramatically. Daikin recognizes that moving forward, it is the responsibility and mission of companies to respond to these external expectations and demands, not only in terms of economic value through earnings, but also in terms of enhancing social value in terms of how much they can contribute to the environment and society.

In light of these expectations and demands from society and our stakeholders, Daikin took the opportunity of celebrating our 100th anniversary to review “Our Group Philosophy” as a basic management approach that will support further growth and development in the future.

Daikin Group Philosophy

PCM Behaviors - Action guidelines based on “People-Centered Management”


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