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28 May 2024

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Daikin Selected as “Digital Transformation (DX) Stocks 2024”

OSAKA, Japan, May 27, 2024 - Daikin Industries, Ltd. was selected as one of the “Digital Transformation (DX) Stocks 2024” conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). It is named “DX Stocks” and recognizes companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a track record of developing DX and improving corporate value. This is the third time for Daikin to be selected following 2023.

As outlined in its strategic management plan “Fusion 25”, Daikin seeks to invest 180 billion yen in digital technology over a three-year period beginning in fiscal year 2023 and leverage that technology for further advancement in both business and process innovation. Centering on the Daikin Information and Communications Technology College, an in-house digital human resource development program, the company is also focusing on developing human resources with digital technology expertise.

Daikin initiatives leading to its selection are summarized below:

  1. Since fiscal year 2021, Daikin has been selling DK-CONNECT in Japan, a cloud-based air conditioning management system that provides services to meet the diverse needs of each customer in the operation, maintenance, and replacement of commercial air conditioners. Not only does DK-CONNECT provide the type of peace of mind and comfort demanded of commercial air conditioners, but it also lessens environmental impact through lower energy consumption and reduces administrative workloads for facility managers. In fiscal year 2023, full-scale sales began at overseas bases in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other countries with the aim for further global expansion.

    Daikin is also working on wide-area energy management services to ensure regional comfort and power stability that will reduce CO2 emissions and power costs by centrally managing air conditioning equipment for multiple buildings and facilities.

  2. In 2017, the Daikin Information and Communications Technology College was established within the company to develop unique IoT and AI skills in people who were familiar with air conditioning technologies. The in-house course is not limited to new employees and targets other employees, including senior managers. Daikin aims to increase the number of digital human resources to 2,000 people by the end of March 2026. Many employees who have completed the program have already been assigned to their respective business divisions and they are playing an active role as the core for DX promotion within the workplace.

In this way, Daikin is striving to promote DX both internally and through collaborative innovation with external parties to create new innovations that contribute to solving environmental and social issues.

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