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What Daikin is Doing

CSR for Value Provision

We strive to provide healthy and comfortable air environments for people around the world while at the same time reducing environmental impact.

Fundamental CSR

We conduct activities that are fundamental to building a relationship of trust with society so that we can achieve our goal of CSR for value provision.

Search for CSR Contents

Search for CSR Contents

Search Daikin's CSR initiatives and data from the standpoint of ESG, Guidelines, and Policy and Structure.
CSR contents can also be found on this website's Site Map.

CSR News


Honors for Daikin

Honors for Daikin in areas such as the environment, products, and human resources.

Honors for Daikin

Participation in External Organizations

Daikin's participation in initiatives by the United Nations, Japan's Ministry of the Environment, and other bodies.

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