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Corporate Governance

Prohibiting Bribes

Basic Policy

Daikin's Group Conduct Guidelines state that we practice moderation in entertainment and gift exchanges. We strictly implement our corporate ethics and risk management system, which covers matters such as prohibiting bribes.

Group Conduct Guidelines

13. Practicing Moderation in Entertainment and Gift Exchanges

We shall exercise moderation and perform within the acceptable range of social norms and obey the laws and regulations of each country and region in regards to entertainment, the exchange of presents, and invitations relating to the development of our global business. In particular, we shall not entertain, provide gifts of monetary value to, or extend invitations to public officials in Japan or abroad that violate the applicable laws and regulations in each respective country and region.

Thoroughly Implementing Compliance Guidelines for Preventing Bribery of Public Officials, Etc.

In fiscal 2014, with the approval of our board of directors, we created our Compliance Guidelines for Preventing Bribery of Public Officials, Etc., which give detailed directives related to entertaining, gift-giving, and invitations for government officials.

Every year, we confirm compliance with our Group Conduct Guidelines by conducting inspections through our unique self assessment system. Any compliance problems found are shared by reporting them to the Corporate Ethics and Risk Management Committee.

Educational Activities

Daikin holds company-wide training so that employees obey rules on sound and transparent relations with government offices, are compliant with the Political Funds Control Law and the Public Offices Election Act, and conduct moderate entertainment and gift-giving with suppliers.

To ensure that employees are familiar with every aspect of guidelines, since fiscal 2014 we have held briefings for each division and group company around the world and provided e-learning for all employees of Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Since formulating the Compliance Guidelines for Preventing Bribery of Public Officials, Etc., we have carried out audits in divisions and group companies that do business in countries and regions where corruption is prevalent to ensure that bribes are not occurring. Guideline-related issues discovered during the audits are dealt with by creating solutions in collaboration with relevant divisions and group s. In addition, issues and successful countermeasures are shared via the Corporate Ethics and Risk Management Committee and global legal and compliance meetings attended by compliance and risk management leaders in each worldwide region.

Help-Line System

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has a Help-Line for Corporate Ethics, through which employees can give opinions or receive consultation on all corporate ethics matters, including bribe-related issues.

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