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Certificate of Appreciation from Indonesian Government for
Forest Conservation Activities on the Island of Java

“Forests for the Air” Project That Extends to 7 Global Locations

3 October 2018

Daikin Industries, Ltd. recently received a certificate of appreciation from the Indonesian government for its ten-year environmental and social contribution activities on the Island of Java. In addition to the reforestation of the area serving as the water source for Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia, this recognition acknowledges the contribution Daikin has made to solving social issues affecting the local community, including poverty and education.

In 2008, Daikin partnered with Conservation International (hereinafter referred to as “CI”), an international nongovernmental organization, and started forest conservation activities at Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park on the Island of Java, Indonesia.
Logging and the cultivation of farmland as a means for local residents to earn a living had been a cause of deforestation for this area with the underlying issue being the poverty faced by the residents. To conserve the forest in a sustainable manner, integrated support is essential, not only for planting trees, but also for improving environmental awareness among local residents and establishing a local infrastructure. For this reason, Daikin, in cooperation with CI, has been promoting agroforestry* together with afforestation, while continuing to implement such measures as agricultural support to eliminate the dependency of local residents on logging for a livelihood, environmental education for the local community, a crackdown on illegal logging and poaching, and consensus building and training for all of these. Furthermore, Daikin created facilities for a pico-hydro power generator that operates by water drawn from the forest to the village.
Ten years have passed since the start of this initiative, and local residents are united in moving forward in forest conservation activities. This has led to 120,000 trees being planted to present along with the rejuvenation of approximately 300 hectares of forest.

Based on the model for forest conservation activity that began in Indonesia, Daikin has broadened activities since 2014 to seven global locations as “Forests for the Air” Project. In addition to Indonesia, the company has also been working to solve region-specific social issues through forest conservation in Brazil, China, Cambodia, Liberia, and India as well as on the Shiretoko Peninsula in Japan.
Through these activities, Daikin will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) through conservation of approximately 11 million hectares of forests worldwide by 2024 and the reduction of more than 7 million tons in CO2 emissions.

Reason for Daikin’s Involvement in Conservation Activities

As Daikin conducts air conditioning business globally, we continue to provide healthy, comfortable air spaces while responding to the needs of each region. Not limiting ourselves to the interior spaces of buildings, we began forest conservation activities with the desire to help people sustainably live healthy and comfortable lives on a global scale. Because forests function to keep the atmospheric temperature from rising by the water vapor provided from tree leaves and purify the atmosphere by photosynthesis and respiration, we call them “nature’s air conditioner.” Through preservation of forests worldwide and the fostering of air, we intend to protect the global environment and contribute to local communities.
We also continue committed to developing and promoting environmentally-conscious products and services in the future that include energy-saving air conditioners and refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP). At the same time, we will work to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and solve social issues by activities such as forest conservation as we contribute to the global environment from both aspects of business activities and social contribution.

  • * A method that balances agriculture and forestry by planting native trees to form a natural forest while simultaneously cultivating agricultural crops and raising livestock in the areas between the trees.

Change of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park Scenery in the Past 10 Years

Comment from Daikin’s Stakeholder

Yasushi Hibi, Representative Director, Conservation International Japan
Through our partnership with Daikin, we have been able to build a model for success in forest restoration. Forest restoration is effective in reducing CO2 emissions and adapting to climate change of the region. However, forest restoration of an area where local residents live is no easy task. It has been the result of sustained efforts under a uniform strategy over a period of ten years. We expect this model to expand to various regions worldwide. It is an advanced project in which a global company has undertaken the common issues of the international community for the “realization of a world that no one will be left behind.”

Ujang Sarip, Chief of Panyusuhan Village
Thanks to the support and cooperation of Daikin, we found that "water" and "electricity" are the blessings from the forest which nourish our lives. This is due to the project, in which the residents of our village no longer have to travel far away to draw water, the number of children attending school increased, and the sanitary environment improved. This support taught us that we should protect the forest by our hands and connect to the next generation.

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