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DAIKIN × nendo

Exhibiting "breeze of light" with Design Studio nendo
At the World's Prestigious Design Festival "Milan Design Week 2019"

14 March 2019

Daikin Industries, Ltd., in collaboration with the design studio nendo (hereinafter referred to as “nendo”) led by Oki Sato, will be presenting an exhibit this year at Milan Design Week 2019. The event runs from Wednesday April 10 to Sunday April 14 in Milan, Italy.

This marks the fourth time for the Daikin Group to participate in the event. For 2019, Daikin presents “breeze of light,” an air-related installation created by nendo through its flexible concept. Air, which forms the basis of Daikin’s business domain, is essential to human’s lives. However, as it being invisible in its natural state, air is an element that people often take for granted. This exhibit visualizes air and enriches visitors’ hearts with its new way of experiencing air.

Daikin will also present its Outer Tower air conditioners in the outdoor space of the exhibition venue. These revolutionary air conditioners are scheduled for domestic launch in Japan in May 2019. The main units send cool air from its four sides to its surroundings, creating cool spaces outdoors. In this way, Daikin utilizes its air conditioning technology to provide comfort even in outdoor spaces.

Through its exhibit of “breeze of light” in cooperation with nendo and outdoor air conditioner Outer Tower, the company seeks to convey its commitment globally- to pursuit new value in air and spaces- as it aims to be a “company that provides solutions with air.”

About “breeze of light”

This installation evokes the sensation of a comfortable breeze by the movement of light and shadows, not actual air. A virtual flower garden is illuminated using 115 individually-controlled spotlights directing light on 17,000 flower-shaped polarizing films. Changes in shadow intensity of the flowers produce the effect of a breeze passing through the garden.

Event Summary

Title DAIKIN × nendo “breeze of light”
Date April 10 (Wednesday) – 14 (Sunday), 2019. 09:00 – 19:00
Venue TENOHA MILANO Via Vigevano,18, 20144 Milano Mi Italy(Milan, Italy)

Oki Sato's Comment

“breeze of light” is an installation where you feel wind by the variance in shadow intensity. Because Daikin is a manufacturer specializing in air conditioning, the company is always thinking about air and creates air that is suitable for various places. We wanted to create a space where you could strongly feel the existence of air that you are usually unaware of.

nendo Profile

This design studio was founded in 2002 by Japanese designer Oki Sato. The studio has offices in Tokyo and Milan and handles a wide range of designs including architecture, interior, products, and graphics. In his role as nendo representative, Sato was selected by Newsweek magazine as one of “The 100 Most Respected Japanese” and has won many global design awards including those of Wallpaper* magazine and ELLE DÉCOR magazine. Many nendo works are housed in major museums worldwide including The Museum of Modern Art (New York, United States). Sato has appeared on television programs in Japan including “The Style of Professional Work” (NHK) and “Another Sky” (Nippon Television Network) .He has also authored many books in the theme of design and workstyle.

About Milan Design Week

Recognized for being one of the largest and most prestigious design events in the world, Milan Design Week refers to both Salone del Mobile Milano, an international furniture fair held every year in April in Milan, Italy, and Fuori Salone, the various events held concurrently off-site in Milan in conjunction with the fair.
It is also well-known for brand promotion by showcasing the displays of many companies backed by noted designers and attracting the attention of design industries all over the world.

About Outer Tower

This new air conditioner for outdoor spaces is scheduled for release to the Japanese domestic market in May 2019. Cool air is sent up to three meters in all four directions from the sides of the tower-type unit to create cool spaces outdoors. Heat has long been a midsummer challenge for places such as cafe terraces and public spaces, and this product improves outdoor comfort.

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