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Start of Demonstration in "point 0 marunouchi" for the Office of the Future

Four new companies participate in the co-creation platform CRESNECT for spatial data

8 July 2019

Okamura Corporation, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Lion Corporation, MyCity Inc., Asahi Breweries, Ltd., TOA Corporation, TOTO Ltd., and Panasonic Corporation will begin demonstration on Tuesday, July 16, to create the office of the future in "point 0 marunouchi," a membership-based coworking space.

As the first project* of CRESNECT, a co-creation platform for spatial data, the coworking space "point 0 marunouchi" was established to realize the office of the future. With the recent additions of the four new companies of Asahi Breweries, TOA, TOTO, and Panasonic, the latest technologies, data, and expertise of each company are being utilized to offer spatial content customized to the differing work styles found in open spaces, conference rooms, nap rooms, and other work-related areas. Collecting and analyzing the physiological and motion data of the working people as well as operational data from installed equipment, "point 0 marunouchi" looks to further refine content and create new services.

[Overall Concept of "point 0 marunouchi]

  • * The project was jointly announced by Okamura Corporation, SoftBank Corp., Daikin Industries, Ltd., Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Lion Corporation on July 30, 2018, with the aim of creating office of the future by utilizing CRESNECT, a co-creation platform for spatial data.

1. Demonstration Summary

For "point 0 maruonouchi," demonstration of diverse spatial content will start under the theme of "work style reform," one of society’s most urgent issues, with the aim of realizing the ideal office. Utilizing office space for the people working there, the impact of various factors affecting efficiency, creativity, and the wellness of the working people will be collected and analyzed such as the line of movement in the office, attitude during work, indoor temperature and humidity, interior design, lighting, sound, fragrances, and food and beverages, including alcohol. Feedback from the workspace users will also be incorporated to verify effectiveness and enhance spatial content.

Moreover, through these types of spatial content, "point 0 marunouchi" is aiming to provide the first coworking space in Japan accredited by the "WELL Building Standard" office space certification system in which the key evaluation points are the comfort and wellness of the people working.

2. Spatial Content Being Introduced

In "point 0 marunouchi," various spaces having diverse content are provided to enable each user to work according to individual objectives and preferences.

Open Spaces

  • Promotion of work areas suitable for the day’s work according to user preferences and office conditions
  • Control of air conditioning, lighting, and fragrances, even in open spaces, according to user preferences
  • Reduction of stress and improvement in productivity using height adjustable tables that can accommodate both sitting and standing work styles
  • Support for BGM that masks office noise and enables users to relax and focus

Conference Rooms

  • Support for more efficient and creative meetings by the psychological effect of color tone lighting and acoustics corresponding to meeting purpose
  • Increase in energy level for meetings by spraying of fragrances (for revitalization, etc.) adapted to the atmosphere of the setting by analysis of voices during meetings

Concentration Booths

  • Providing of a comfortable partition without feeling enclosed by suitably shielding from external visual and aural distractionsReduction in eye fatigue by lighting intensity and color for easier reading of documents
  • Reduction in eye fatigue by lighting intensity and color for easier reading of documents
  • Sensing of optimum alertness to create a space using air conditioning, lighting, and fragrances to prevent drowsiness and stimulate concentration

Nap Rooms

  • Control of air conditioning, lighting, and fragrances according to time and soundness of sleep to revitalize the mind and body in a short time


  • Sensing of changes in communication by checking the risk of bad breath
  • Proposal of new alcohol consumption methods to produce creative ideas/
  • Support for relaxing from work and reducing stress by completion of rooms for meditation and showering

3. Reason for Participation of Each Company

Okamura Corporation

  • Introduce office furniture equipped with sensors and promote commercialization through demonstration activities
  • Promote the development of new services utilizing the acquired big data
  • Investigate possibilities for providing new value through collaboration with participating companies

Daikin Industries

  • Create new business solutions with air conditioners as hub
  • Partner with each company of different industries to provide spatial solutions with value that Daikin cannot provide on its own

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance

  • Implement analysis of sensing data that was measured and accumulated in research relating to creation of the "future of office space" centering on stress and concentration levels and investigate the possibilities for providing new services in the health field and developing health management solutions

Lion Corporation

  • Develop new products and services that contribute to improvement of healthcare and etiquette for office workers by utilizing Lion’s technology and solutions to check the risk of bad breath and build awareness of mental healthcare


  • Optimize the personalization of workspaces utilizing the IoT platform
  • Develop and commercialize spatial solutions

Asahi Breweries

  • Create new methods for providing alcohol and new drinking scenes using IoT
  • Create new drinking style proposals that "produce creative ideas"
  • Perform new product development of lean "insight" up system that utilizes coworking space

T O A Corporation

  • Provide information necessary to customers by sound according to the time, place, and purpose, contribute to the realization of comfortable work styles through spatial production of environmental sound and BGM for "Public Space Design," and develop the new value provision in sound through collaboration with participating companies


  • Collect and analyze data for actual use of plumbing in the office
  • Create new value in plumbing spaces by utilizing acquired data
  • Investigate new proposals to plumbing spaces by co-creation with participating companies.

Panasonic Corporation

  • Create knowledge for spatial solutions through demonstration by collaboration with other companies
  • Build spatial packages through co-creation with each participating company Creation of a community for revitalization of space is planned in the future based on the above.

4. Facilities Outline of "point 0 marunouchi"

1) Name point 0 marunouchi

2) Location Marunouchi 2 Chome Building 4F,
2-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan
3) Access Walk 3 minutes from JR Tokyo Station (direct underground connection)
4) Site area 1,082m2
5) Total seating 220 people
6) Fee Individual room from 105,000 yen for monthly membership (tax excluded)
Open seating from 250 yen per 15 minutes (tax excluded)
7) Start date July 16, 2019
8) Operating company point 0 Inc.
9) URL[opens in a new window]

5. point 0 Inc

1) Name point 0 Inc.
2) Location Marunouchi 2 Chome Building 4F,
2-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan
3) Representative Representative Director Takahiro Ishihara
4) Capitalization 492 million yen (as of July 2019, including capital reserve)
5) Establishment February 2019
6) URL[opens in a new window]


CRESNECT is collaborative creation platform established to create new value and services relating to space by accumulating and utilizing various data from each type of sensor and device, including air conditioners, along with the data and expertise of each partner company. First, under the theme of a "work style reform," which is an urgent issue, the company will work to create the ideal office space. In the future, it will aim to create new value and services in spaces including hotels, retail stores, facilities for the elderly, hospitals, and educational facilities

Contact for Inquires Relating to Membership in Coworking Space "point 0 marunouchi"

point 0 Inc.

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