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Japanese Technology Conveyed in Japanese Style

Piezoelectric sheets that are transparent as air in wind chimes and pinwheels

Inspired by creation of a new "piezoelectric sheet"

The impetus behind this prototype was a sheet made from a newly-developed piezoelectric substance that a researcher of the Chemicals Division demonstrated for us.

A piezoelectric substance is a material with the ability to generate a strain when electricity is applied or to convert a strain (force) to electricity. Although the material itself is available at other companies, the material produced by Daikin features the significant advantage of high transparency.

When we first saw it, we were amazed, "What a remarkable thing you have there!" As designers, this development got our creative juices flowing, and we began imagining what entertaining objects we could create to promote this material.

Recalling an elegant timbre and nostalgic remembrances

Wind chimes and pinwheels are two typically Japanese items that suddenly came to mind, and thinking about them made us feel a little nostalgic. Recognizing that Daikin Industries technology is also technology representative of Japan, we felt compelled to convey this technology globally in Japanese style. The elegant timbre of wind chimes and remembrances of spinning pinwheels intrinsically evoke a sensation of healing and comfort produced by air. Born in Japan, this new technology seemed more aptly expressed through Japanese sensibilities.

Piezoelectric sheets were used for the wind chime strips and the pinwheel blades. When the wind strikes or air is blown on the sheets, a mechanism causes the sensor to react and turn on a switch to the sound source in either the column supporting the wind chime or the stand of the pinwheel. A strain is generated in the piezoelectric sheet to make a beautiful sound.

Expressing the value for the existence of air

Although piezoelectric sheet emit sound, a problem in the pinwheel shape caused it to make a cracking noise, and we worked hard during production to solve it. Eventually, we achieved a pleasing sound by changing the straining method for the blades and the sound source.

This prototype creates a musical instrument played by using the force of air blown by the wind or a person's breath. Because the sheet is as transparent as the wind, it can create a unique medley of sounds without spoiling the surrounding space. By utilizing the technology of this highly functional material in wind chimes and pinwheels, we hope to communicate through DAIKIN design the value in the existence of air.

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