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Visual Imagery That Changes Company Image

What is effective corporate branding?

Touching hearts with visual imagery

Having flowers and greenery near the home or office helps calm the emotions and makes us feel relaxed. Similarly, we are often moved and inspired at the sight of a magnificent natural landscape, fine art photography, or a painting.

So, why does seeing a beautiful visual image captivate us and move us? It is the visual effect. We receive most of our information of the outside world through the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Of that, it is said that over 80% of the information we receive is through the sense of sight. Moreover, visual information is directly connected to the optic nerve and is a decisive factor in our actions, recognition, knowledge, consciousness, interests, and impressions.

"Appearances are important" is something we often hear but we also know that it is the result of a natural instinct. For this reason, the effect of visual imagery has already been incorporated and is effectively being used in a variety of goods and services.

Seeing the value of visual imagery with a new sampling tool

Understandably, many companies also pay close attention to the impact of visual imagery and utilize it in business expansion and strategy. Visual communication is particularly vital in websites and for corporate PR and promotion. Leveraging the immense power of visual imagery to express and convey ideas can significantly improve the image and value of companies, products, and services while inspiring greater trust and confidence.

The power of visual imagery to express and convey ideas is not limited to communications outside the company but is also effective in communicating ideas within the company. For example, the sales staff of our Chemicals Division used fluoroelastomer color samples created by the person in charge to give sales presentations to customers, but the staff had some reservations about the quality of the samples. Here we designed a new sample tool that expresses the appeal of the material in just one glance. Having an attractive presentation tool not only facilitated smooth communication but also increased the motivation of each staff member.

In this way, the necessity and effectiveness of utilizing visual imagery and designs becomes obvious. The mere glance of something beautiful can calm the emotions and needs no explanation to deepen understanding and consciousness.

Fostering visual imagery in a team of diverse members

Unfortunately, no matter the extent it is used, visual imagery alone will not lead to a better image for the company or its products nor will it increase value. What is important is having each person actively work to produce good products and to maintain a good image. Also, it can be difficult to know what should be done in the confines of your own company.

Here, we in DAIKIN design accept the challenge of visually conveying the Daikin products and technologies in completely different fields. One of those challenges has been participating in a collaboration event sponsored by the Shiseido Co., Ltd. that spans art, science, and technology. In 2016, we created and exhibited an artwork entitled "Flow Drops Flow." This exhibit sought to express and visually represent the concept of filters and the role fluoropolymers play in providing ultra water repellency.

In this "Flow Drops Flow," we established a team of designers, engineers, researchers, and even a Shiseido marketer to incorporate expression of something that had never been expressed before. In finding visual representation of technology that is difficult to imagine and understand its value, we captivated the interest of people from other companies and general users.

Touch Point - Shiseido "LINK OF LIFE Exhibition: Aging? Future! "

To a company that continues to be loved by branding

By visualizing the appeal for science and technology that is difficult to express in words, we have the power to stir the emotions and move people who had not previously been interested.

Being able to communicate the impact and power of visual imagery inside and outside the company serves to further the company goals for branding. In conveying the corporate image and value, I hope people will see Daikin and think: "I would like to work for this company," "I want to own a product of this company," "I am proud to work for this company," or "I want to enter this company." To ensure that Daikin is a company that continues to be loved for a long time, DAIKIN design will continue communicating its efforts for visual imagery and design.

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