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Designing the experience of “living in clean air”

Special Feature Published in AXIS

A product design one step ahead not only produces clean air, but also provides the experience of "living in clean air."

Daikin Industries' air purifiers achieve good design that fits harmoniously into the interior decor of living spaces while maintaining solid functionality that powerfully eliminates PM 2.5, dust and odors and firmly breaks down harmful substances with our streamer technology.

Our flagship model with humidifying function, the MCK70 series, adopts a high-grade style that produces class and quality in large multi-generational living rooms. Its edged, exquisite, glossy square form expresses clarity and freshness of air with absolute purity.

When the air in the room is clean, the LED lights of the sensor and value indicators all light up in blue. Like a wind chime used to convey coolness through auditory perception, this user interface appeals directly to people's intuition rather than reason and communicates to the user that the room is filled with the fresh air that we feel under the clear blue sky.

The operation buttons are minimized. We tried to visualize "clean, clear air" by removing all wasteful features during product design and leaving only what is necessary, such as using stress-free automated operation for basic operation and providing a smartphone app for users who want advanced settings.

Expressing the ideal compatibility with interior decor through design

Daikin provides not only air purifiers with a variety of features and of various sizes but also design and functions that suit the diverse lifestyles of contemporary people.

"We conduct a survey on attitudes toward interior decor by interviewing general users using design idea sketches. People have very different opinions on what home appliance design can be an accent or blends into the interior decor.

Daikin Industries' designers accurately identify market trends through such surveys and express the target "ideal air purifier" as products.

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