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Equal Festival

Emerged in the old folk house out of blue, the “Visualization of Air Conditioner” enchanted the visitors.

The "Equal Festival" was the festival to celebrate ethics, arts, fashion and foods, held in Nakazaki-cho, an Osaka town located close to Umeda, with the nostalgic ambience of Showa era yet dotted with avant-garde shops and cafes.

At "Salon de AManTO" - the café in a renovated old folk house and the cultural hub of Nakazaki-cho, DAIKIN exhibited the art piece co-developed with Prof. Akira Wakita named "Visualization of Air Conditioner".

The flow of air in the 120-year-old row house was beautifully illuminated.
The regulars were delightfully surprised by the extraordinary experience to witness the café they were familiar to suddenly turning into the completely different place, and children attempted to touch the air highlighted by the illumination.
It was one new and fascinating experience for many people.

Wakita Laboratory, Keio University, SFC

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