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"point 0 marunouchi" Becomes First Coworking Office in Japan to Obtain Gold Level in WELL Certification

7 January 2021

point 0 Inc, a company funded by Daikin Industries, Ltd., has recently obtained a gold level rating from WELL Certification (WELLv2 pilot) for "point 0 marunouchi," the coworking space that it operates. This marks the first time that a company in Japan has received WELL Certification for a coworking office.
Attainment of this certification is the realization of the investment made in point 0 Inc by Daikin Industries, Okamura Corporation, and Life Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation and leverages the know-how, technologies, and products of these three companies in the diverse fields of expertise of air quality and air environment engineering, furniture, and lighting.

Established in July 2019, "point 0 marunouchi" received WELL Precertification in March 2020. After undergoing on-site performance test, the company received WELL Certification. For air quality and air environment engineering, improvements were made in the air conditioning ventilation system to ensure good air quality by arranging the layout from the design stage so that the ventilation amount for each area and individual room met certification standards and by adding high-performance air filters. Regarding furniture, ergonomically designed, adjustable office chairs and office desks with electrically controlled height adjustment were provided to ensure a work style promoting good posture and protecting against excessive sitting. For lighting, a healthy and comfortable lighting environment was achieved by using a simulation tool in the selection of fixtures and the planning of lighting to meet certification standards and being cognizant of the body’s circadian system and the need to protect against glare. The results of each company contributing the wisdom of its respective field of expertise weighed heavily in the evaluation and led to "point 0 marunouchi" receiving a gold level rating in WELL Certification.

WELL Certification is a performance verification system for office spaces that aims to create better living environments by adding the aspect of "human health" in building design, construction, and management of spatial environments. Based on a composite evaluation score, the rating is determined for one of three certification levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. WELL Certification was launched in 2014 by the public-benefit company WELL Building Institute (IWBI), which is based in the United States. In 2018, IWBI revised the evaluation items and standards with the release of its WELL v2 (version 2) pilot. The new version evaluates projects based on 10 concepts: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community.

With the spread in infections of COVID-19 and the change in awareness toward workspaces, it is believed that users will view the recent conferring of WELL Certification to "point 0 marunouchi" as indication of it being a place where people can work with peace of mind. In the future, proposal activities aimed at creating physically and mentally healthier office spaces can be implemented and realized by utilizing the knowledge and know-how gained through the process of obtaining certification.


Main Initiatives of Each Company

Daikin Industries, Ltd.

[Support for "Air" with packages achieving ideal air]

  • Comfortable air conditioning ventilation system
  • Air monitoring
  • High-performance air filter
  • Promotion of certification by a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP)

Provides future packages that meet the WELL Certification standards for "Air" and "Thermal comfort," removes office environment pollutants, maintains good air quality, and promotes worker health.

Okamura Corporation

[Support for "Movement" with furniture realizing a comfortable work posture]

  • Office chairs with an ergonomic adjustment mechanism
  • Office desks with an electric mechanism to raise and lower the desktop

Offers these desks and chairs satisfying the Movement" standards for WELL Certification and provides ergonomically designed workspaces for health and comfort.

Life Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation(Lighting Specialist)

[Support for "Light" with packages providing a comfortable lighting environment]

  • Rendering with optimal lighting equipment that protects against glare
  • Lighting design that is cognizant of the visual environment and circadian rhythm
  • Utilization of a lighting simulation tool

Provides a healthy and comfortable lighting environment with optimal equipment and lighting design that meets the "Light" standard for WELL certification.

point 0 Inc

1) Name point 0 Inc.
2) Location Marunouchi 2 Chome Building 4F,
2-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan
3) Representative Representative Director Takahiro Ishihara
4) Capitalization 553 million yen (as of April 2020, including capital reserve)
5) Establishment February 2019
6) URL[opens in a new window]

Facilities Outline of "point 0 marunouchi"

1) Name point 0 marunouchi
2) Location Marunouchi 2 Chome Building 4F, 2-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan
3) Access Walk 3 minutes from JR Tokyo Station (direct underground connection)
4) Site area 1,082m2
5) Total seating 260 people
6) Fee Individual room from 105,000 yen for monthly membership (tax excluded)
Open seating from 250 yen per 15 minutes (tax excluded)
7) Start date July 16, 2019
8) Operating company point 0 Inc.
9) URL[opens in a new window]
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