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Daikin Selected as an Advanced Global Company for Climate Change Measures in CDP’s “Climate Change A List”

8 December 2021

Daikin Industries, Ltd. recently received high acclaim as a company excelling in climate change measures and corporate disclosure by its inclusion in the “A List” compiled by CDP, an international environmental non-profit organization that operates a global environmental information disclosure system for companies and local governments.

CDP is a non-profit organization that promotes and performs activities asking companies and local governments to disclose information on environmental issues, such as climate change, water security, and forest conservation, based on requests for information from global institutional investors with a high interest in environmental issues. The organization collects, analyzes, and evaluates information concerning the environmental activities of major global companies and annually selects the companies most distinguished for their climate change initiatives and information disclosure for its “Climate Change A List.” For this fiscal year, CDP evaluated 12,000 companies and selected the top 200 global companies, including 55 Japanese companies.

As the only company in the world that manufactures both air conditioners and refrigerants, Daikin provides products and services around the world that utilize environmental technologies. Its main business of air conditioning helps improve the health and productivity of people as part of social infrastructure that contributes to economic development, but the widespread use of air conditioning also increases electrical power consumption, which impacts global warming. To promote business growth while also mitigating impact to climate change, Daikin established its “Environment Vision 2050,” which aims for net zero greenhouse gas emissions from company business activities in 2050. To achieve this, the company has set forth an interim target reduction of 50% for 2030 that is calculated by comparing business-as-usual (BAU) emissions using fiscal year 2019 as the base year. In addition to measures at the production stage and the development and increase of environmentally conscious products, the company confronts the entire value chain including the building of a refrigerant recovery and reclamation system in the market.

With this high recognition as further motivation, Daikin will continue to provide comfortable air environments worldwide and contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.

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