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Opportunity to
Refine Skills in R&D
and Project Management

Douglas Notaro

Goodman Global, Inc.(United States)

Location : Goodman Global, Inc.(United States)
Job Type : Electrical Engineering - Advanced Technologies
Post/Role : Principal Controls Engineer
Year Joined : 2010

Continuing Doing What I Enjoyed
Most about Engineering

When starting out on my post-graduate studies, I set a goal to complete my master’s degree and PhD in a total of three years to avoid becoming a lifelong professional student. Graduate school showed me I should start my professional career at a company where I would be actively involved in new product developments, research, and support of existing products. I also wanted the opportunity, as I had in graduate school, to continue running my own projects without constant involvement of management. Choosing to work for Goodman was a decision that allowed me to continue doing what I enjoyed most about engineering. After four years at Goodman and factoring in the added benefits of being a part of the Daikin Group—its advanced technology and the opportunity to work with highly-skilled, veteran engineers of Daikin and its partner companies—I know my decision to work here was the right one.

Playing a Role in My First Year

Currently, my primary role as the Principal Controls Engineer involves electronic control development for high efficiency residential split systems (air handlers, furnaces, heat pumps, variable speed motors, and thermostats). On my first day at Goodman I did not have any HVAC experience or previous knowledge of the industry. My supervisor selected several projects that would allow me to gain the necessary HVAC knowledge and quickly become someone who could contribute at a high level. While working on these projects (new motor qualification, new control board development, new thermostat development, quality improvement projects, reliability projects, cost improvement projects and some travel to Goodman supplier companies) my group members were extremely helpful in answering questions I had about the company and teaching me the details about our products. Without the support I had from my supervisor and group members it would have taken me much longer to feel comfortable about the new job. Towards the end of my first year my main role at Goodman had been established.

Becoming Principal Controls Engineer
in My Fourth Year

During the second and third year at Goodman I was given additional responsibilities which made the job experience much more exciting. I became the primary engineering contact for multiple supplier companies and was personally responsible for several projects running at the same time. Having the opportunity for travel to the supplier location, meet their engineering team and tour the facilities they use made a positive impact in how I ran my projects. Not only did I have confidence to complete all necessary tests in Goodman electrical labs but I also had no trouble requesting the supplier to run tests of my own creation in their facilities. Having the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the supplier companies was a positive experience and allowed both companies to work as a team to reach the same goal. The knowledge and confidence due to the new responsibilities I was given has allowed me to more successfully complete projects with a greater level of success, and I was promoted to Principal Controls Engineer during my 4th year at Goodman. This was an extremely rewarding experience since I am now considered an expert in my subject that includes electronic control development for residential split systems. My main responsibilities at Goodman did not change as a result of this promotion. Expectations did increase which added even more excitement to a job that was already enjoyable.

Aiming Even Higher as Project Leader

In graduate school, I was given the responsibility to oversee three individual labs, make sure all students were completing their experiments properly and safely, and schedule time for other research groups to utilize our equipment. When I started at Goodman, I was assigned to projects, as lead engineer, where I had to use the same management skills I gained at school. A lead engineer is responsible for the coordination of all departments and partner companies throughout the project. Every department must be aware of what their responsibilities are and when each task is to be completed. I thoroughly enjoy being in a leadership / decision making position. As a result, my future goals are to join Goodman senior management where I can continue working on advanced HVAC technologies such as those being developed at Daikin, help those on my team to advance in their careers, and continue building on my personal abilities.

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