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Environment Aiming for
Growth of the Team in
Developing the “Best Product”

Jaturong Chalathornchaikul

Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

Location : Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Job Type : Product Development and Design
Post/Role : Assistant Manager
Year Joined : 2003

Appeal through experience with factories,
development environments, and brands

Three Daikin qualities appealed to me and convinced me to enter the company. The first quality was how the Daikin factories generated a feeling of comfort and safety from their immaculate, orderly appearance. Next the products impressed me. There was an area I had researched in university for which I saw an opportunity to further explore in the design of air conditioners. As a production engineer, the opportunity to design new products while learning the latest core technology and know-how is very satisfying. And finally, there was the Daikin brand. Even now I take special gratification and pride in knowing I’m involved with supplying the world these amazing products. It motivates me to aim even higher to uphold the excellence of the Daikin brand. Eleven years later, and I am still able to take part in work with the same sense of purpose as when I first discovered these three Daikin qualities.

Providing the “best product” as a
total solution to customers

Not only am I tasked with meeting customer expectations and market needs but I must also ensure that our products clear various standards and regulations. My mission thus becomes providing the “best product” as a total solution to customers. To improve quality, I am always telling our engineering team three points. The first quality is knowledge and product information. In order to design high quality products that match the needs of the customers, it is necessary to broadly reach out for detailed knowledge of every facet of air conditioning including theory and structure of refrigerant technology. The second is communication. Communication is responsible for successfully executing work and is the most important constant for success. Plus, communication makes it possible to receive a variety of ideas through the creation of a team. The last is speed. Opportunities always come with a fast response. No matter the work, everything must be performed meticulously with speed. In order to create the “best product” that competes in the marketplace, each point is crucial.

Achieving growth as a team

At Daikin, the various aspects of work including design of new products, communication, exchange of ideas, cooperation with other departments, and thought process are all linked to your own personal growth. For example, at the time of starting a project, ideas are solicited from all engineers within the team for how a product should be designed in order to achieve sales targets. After every person investigates the issue, there is an exchange of opinions at the next meeting. In this way, not only are many ideas collected, the imagination of each team member is stimulated in the process with each person taking responsibility for completing a task. Still, challenges are accepted and executed as a team. The other day the team achieved a substantial reduction in costs in a product design, and everyone on the team was thrilled. To our surprise, the company rewarded the team with a short trip to the sea. I feel this type of environment that Daikin creates sets itself apart from other companies. Daikin recognizes effort and finds ways for employees to replenish the “well of motivation” to keep everyone working hard. In the future, I’m hoping to break away from the conventional approach and tackle a new challenge that quickly brings a new “best product” to the market.

Offering a full training system and
opportunities for extended overseas training

Daikin’s training system is the best. There are also opportunities inside and outside the company for extended overseas training such as residing in Japan. I have twice participated in training in Japan: once in 2004 for five months, and again in 2007 for almost a year. Daikin enhances our skills by continuously providing us with training for us to grow and become true specialists in our fields. This type of system could be said to be an aspect of Daikin’s unique corporate culture and good communication. I take pride in being a member of the Daikin Group and gain a sense of pleasure in developing new products for our global customers. Anyone that comes to work for Daikin will find opportunities to develop his or her own career path toward the future. There are daily challenges, but you will also be guided on your way toward becoming a specialist.

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