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SkyAir Packaged Air Conditioners for Shops & Small Offices

Featuring an extensive range of models with high seasonal energy efficiency, SkyAir leads the light commercial market with solutions that offer design flexibility corresponding to any commercial setting.

Daikin Advantage

  • Optimum Solution

    Outdoor units covering a wide performance range along with a full selection of indoor units deliver customized solutions to customers that precisely match their individual needs.

  • Enhanced Comfort with Inverters

    Inverters maintain set temperature by detecting load and using variable speed control to maintain optimum efficiency and comfort.

  • Energy Efficient

    Daikin’s advanced inverter technology deftly manages operations during partial loads to deliver maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

  • Flexible Installation and Layout

    Installing to areas with space limitations has become easier with our compact outdoor units and ability to use long piping.


Retail Stores

Providing a comfortable environment is key to keeping customers shopping. Daikin offers system flexibility and precise air control to maintain optimum conditions to enhance any shopping experience. Unmatched performance and reliability ensure long years of operation and savings.


Ambiance is the watchword for the perfect dining experience, and Daikin offers a full course of air comfort solutions. While heat from the kitchen, lighting, and bustling customers may wreck havoc on less robust systems, our precise air control and flexible layout are well matched for the demanding needs of restaurants.

Offices / Banks

Money saved is money earned, and Daikin helps offices and banks save money with precise air control of open floor plans as well as individual meeting rooms. Operation in unoccupied meeting rooms is automatically adjusted while open floor areas maintain optimum air comfort levels for staff and customers.

IT and Server Rooms

Computer systems operate 24/7 and generate massive amounts of heat. When overheated, these systems can malfunction and have a catastrophic impact on business operations. Daikin protects computer systems and servers with precise temperature control of these environments that operate reliably 24/7.

Product Lineup

Indoor Units

Full Selection of Indoor Units

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type (Round Flow)

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Standard Panel with Sensing (Fresh White)

Standard Panel with Sensing(Black)

Designer Panel
(Fresh White)

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type
(Round Flow)

Compact Multi Flow Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type

Compact Multi Flow Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type
(Fully Flat)

Duct Connection Type

Wall Mounted Type

Ceiling Suspended Type

Floor Standing Type

Ceiling Mounted Built-in Type

Outdoor Units

Wide Array of Outdoor Units

Promotion Movie

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type (Round Flow)

The movie introduces Round Flow Cassette with sensing and airflow control technologies.


  • *Features and specifications differ according to model.

Additional Information

Wired Remote Controller

The simple, modern design complements the décor of any commercial setting. Featuring an intuitive operation menu and easy-to-read display, our remote controllers provide easy access to a full range of comfort and energy-saving settings.

Daikin and Refrigerants

Daikin is a comprehensive manufacturer that also produces the refrigerant used in its air conditioning equipment.


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