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Through our strategic management plan FUSION,
we strive to greatly enhance our strengths in technology
and products, maintain and increase our competitive
advantage, and contribute to the environment and society.

In the medium-term strategic management plan “Fusion 25,” we established the three growth strategy themes of “Challenge to achieve carbon neutrality,” “Promotion of Solutions business connected with customers,” and “Creating value with air” to realize sustainable business expansion and improve profitability as we strive to contribute to the environment and society. At the Technology and Innovation Center, we will accelerate technological development of the following key themes linked to the three domains by utilizing internal and external collaborative innovation.
Key domains and themes


Challenge to achieve carbon neutrality
Challenge to achieve carbon neutrality

To realize net-zero CO2 emissions in 2050, we will aim to further establish environmentally advanced technologies and endeavor to not only reduce CO2 emissions in manufacturing but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product lifecycle.

Promotion of Solutions business
Promotion of Solutions business

In the air conditioning market, we will provide new value by combining utilization of air conditioning equipment operation data, energy management, and IAQ technologies. In the refrigeration domain, we will work to ensure safe and reliable store environments and food temperature control that features high energy savings that combines with air conditioning and showcases.

Creating value with air
Creating value with air

We are working to create air environments for the future that enrich human lives with greater safety and reliability as well as provide health and comfort. In addition to developing IAQ technologies, such as air purifiers and heat reclamation ventilators, we aim to create new value in the healthcare field by utilizing indoor air quality and biometric data to promote health.


AC core technologies

AC core technologies
(Compressors, motors, inverters, heat pumps, and manufacturing)

Analytical evaluation

(Environment, materials' physical properties)

Digital technologies

Digital Technologies
(Digital engineering, TI, MI)

Chemical core (fluorochemicals)

Chemicals Core Technologies(Fluorochemicals, synthesis, new material development)


(Product design, UX, UI)

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