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Anti-counterfeiting Measures

Activities to Acquire Design and Trademark Rights

Designs that embody Daikin’s strength, and trademark that is the expression of its credibility are important elements of the brand. The Intellectual Property Department conducts searches and submits applications for designs and trademark in cooperation with business departments to prevent the infringement of rights of other companies and ensure the continual and stable use of the designs and trademark.

Elimination of Application for Identical or Similar Trademarks by Third Parties

Application for and use of identical or similar trademarks by third parties in different countries never ceases. Daikin collects information on applications for trademarks by other companies, and files oppositions when appropriate. It also files oppositions and requests invalidation in a timely manner. In addition, in some countries, on-site bases actively check applications by other companies as well as their SNS and EC sites to ensure early detection and elimination of applications for identical or similar trademarks.

Anti-counterfeiting Measures

Daikin exercises its appropriate and legitimate rights against infringement by third parties to protect intellectual properties, which are its important assets.
Imitations of Daikin products or products similar to Daikin Brands have increased in Asia. To prevent brand damage, we have reinforced the system designed to completely eliminate such imitations or similar products regardless of the scale of cooperation with on-site staff.
Recently, third-party imitations of Daikin products branded by a third party have been increasing, and we have been successful in eliminating some of these after warnings.
In regard to remote controllers and air purifier filters, Daikin has registered these products with Customs, which has increased our track record of injunctions against counterfeit goods.
To respond to increased counterfeit goods on EC sites, we have established a system to monitor relevant websites periodically to comprehensively and effectively eliminate them. As a result, we have successfully increased the number of eliminated remote controllers and pumps.

Counterfeit product
Daikin product and Counterfeit product
Daikin product and Counterfeit product

DAIKIN Trademark Application and Registration

DAIKIN has applied and registered its corporate logo as described below:
Combining the countries to which we have applied for the registration and countries we have already registered our corporate logo, the total is more than 160 countries.


(As of April 27, 2023)

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