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Refrigeration Division

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Utilizing our freezing and refrigeration technologies to maintain temperatures from -35℃ to 30℃, the Refrigeration Division performs a vital role in the global distribution of food products. Marine containers that finely control temperatures transport perishable food from regions of production to consumption, while our specialty air conditioners are utilized in warehouses and stores. In this way, we support a diversity of food cultures.

Image:Temperature Control and CA for Food Distribution

Temperature Control and CA for Food Distribution

Daikin contributes to global food distribution by adding DAIKIN Active CA (controlled atmosphere)※1to freezer and refrigeration containers that control temperatures from -30℃ to 30℃ in all areas of the sea extending from the equator to the Arctic Circle.

Controlled atmosphere is a function to suppress respiratory activity of fresh vegetables and fruits by injecting nitrogen removed from the atmosphere into the container to retard the ripening process.

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Image:Variety of Cold Chain Equipment

Variety of Cold Chain Equipment

From food producing regions to consuming regions, we provide optimum low-temperature environments to maintain freshness in various situations.

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