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Filter Business

The filter business contributes to creation of comfortable air with high performance filters for air purifiers and dust collection filters. There is a growing need to improve the air around people such as in the reduction of air pollution and the improvement of air environments in homes, offices, and factories. To this end, we will continue to grow by developing new markets through fusion with the air conditioning business.

New Value and Markets with Addition of Filters to AC

Image:New Value and Markets with Addition of Filters to AC

Image:New Value and Markets with Addition of Filters to AC

The main products of the filter business are air purification filters for clean rooms and dust collection and sound suppression systems for exhaust gas at factories. Since 2007, Daikin has been enhancing its product lineup and expanding its sales channels through global acquisitions. With the acquisition of Malaysian AC manufacturer OYL and its subsidiaries, Daikin gained the commercial-use filters of American Air Filter and the dust collection systems for large-scale plants of P&I (Power & Industrial). Nippon Muki, the No. 1 filter manufacturer in Japan, added high capacity filters. The acquisition of Flanders Inc., the No. 1 manufacturer of residential-use filters in the United States, provided high performance and high value-added products for clean rooms, including the fields of pharmaceuticals and food production. Dinair, the No. 2 manufacturer in North Europe, was also acquired. With its strong affinity with the AC business, the Filter business is expected to grow significantly by cultivating new markets and become the third pillar of revenue for Daikin.

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