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Disclosure Policy

1.Disclosure Criteria

In keeping with our policy of "With our relationship with society in mind, take action and earn society's trust“, Daikin Industries, Ltd. ("the Company") is committed to fully disclosing corporate information to our shareholders and investors. We regard such disclosure as part of our duty to ensure transparent corporate management and we practice it as a complement to our policy of full compliance with laws and ethical business practices. Consequently, we release accurate and timely corporate information on our website in compliance with the Commercial Code, the Securities Exchange Law, and other applicable laws and according to the Overview of Business Results provided by securities exchanges as well as the Rules Regarding Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by the Issuer of Listed Securities ("Timely Disclosure Rules") provided by securities exchanges.

2.Disclosure Methods

The Company's corporate information, disclosure of which is required under the Timely Disclosure Rules, is released through TD-net, disclosure systems operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, respectively. Upon disclosure via these systems, such information is further released to the public through a press release and is displayed on our website. This information is usually posted on our website within 12 hours of its release via TD-net; nevertheless, this schedule is subject to change should preparation of relevant data be delayed. We would appreciate your understanding in such circumstances.

3.Control of Confidential Information (Prevention of Insider Trading)

The Company regulates insider trading, and our in-house regulations on insider trading function as guidelines for announcing material facts and for controlling confidential information. In addition, we are committed to training our officers and employees to strictly control the use of insider information.

4.Use of the Website

To ensure fair disclosure of information, we post officially released corporate information on the website as soon as possible. However, because delays may occur as a result of problems related to information and communications technology, we suggest the website be used only as a supplemental source of information.

Please also note the following:

  • The information appearing on the website may not include all information disclosed by the Company.
  • The information on the website may use expressions and forms different from those contained in information disclosed through other sources.

5.Adoption of Silent Period

In order to prevent the leakage of the information that may affect the price of the Company's shares and to ensure fair treatment of all shareholders and investors, the Company has adopted a "silent period" that commences on the day following the closing date of the fiscal period and ends on the day the related financial statements are released. During this period, we will not make any comments or respond to any questions concerning our business results for the relevant period. However, if we determine during the silent period that the results will differ significantly from our forecast, we will issue a press release containing the relevant information in a timely manner.

6.Disclosure to Third Parties and Forecasts by Third Parties

In discussions with institutional investors, analysts and similar third parties, the Company shall discuss only information that has already been released publicly, including commonly known facts, general business trends, and information already known to the public. We shall not remark favorably upon any third party's comments on the Company or forecasts of our business results.

7.Terms of Use

Before making use of any corporate information posted on the Website, please read our Disclosure Policy as well as the Terms of Use appearing elsewhere on the website.

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