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As of 13 March 2024

Affiliation Analyst
Bloomberg.L.P Takeshi Kitaura
BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Kenjin Hotta
Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc. Graeme McDonald
CLSA Securities Japan Co.,Ltd. Edward Bourlet
Daiwa Securities Co.,Ltd. Hirosuke Tai
Eugene Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd. Sang-Woo Lee
Goldman Sachs Japan Co.,Ltd. Yuichiro Isayama
IwaiCosmo Securities Co., Ltd. Shoichi Arisawa
Jefferies (Japan) Ltd. Sho Fukuhara
JPMorgan Securities Japan Co.,Ltd. Tomohiko Sano
Macquarie Capital Securities (Japan) Limited Wendy Pan
Mito Securities Co.,Ltd. Yoichiro Watanabe
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd. Tsubasa Sasaki
Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. Kentaro Maekawa
Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. Toshiharu Morota
QUICK Corp. Kouji Hiiragi
SBI Securities Co., Ltd. Masayasu Noguchi
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Taku Ouchi
The Tachibana Securities Co.,Ltd. Yoshikazu Shimada


  • This list was created from a company standard based on information obtainable at the time of publication and may have unintentionally excluded one or more analysts. Also, the list may not be inclusion of all the latest information.
  • Analysts may at regular or irregular intervals provide analysis of this company’s financial performance, businesses, services, technologies, or similar based on individual assessments or make forecasts for financial performance.
  • This list publishes the main points concerning analysts and affiliated institutions that analyze or forecast financial performance for the public including shareholders and investors. It is not intended to solicit investors for the purchase or selling of Daikin stock.
  • Investors are requested to take personal responsibility for their own investment decisions.

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