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Selection of the reforestation region, September 2008

This is a report on activities through the end of August 2008.

In order to implement the Reforestation Project around the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, we have made a variety of preparations and arrangements. One particularly important activity was the selection of the regions where reforestation would be implemented. Conservation International Indonesia held numerous meetings and opinion exchanges with local stakeholders, determined which communities would become the best partners through analysis using maps and current land-use conditions.

Selection of project region

Selection of project region

We conducted a number of field investigations in order to decide where to implement our Reforestation Project. From our field investigations and discussions, we decided on the west part of the national park as the final candidate region.

From the results of biodiversity and hydrology investigations conducted by Conservation International until this time, the west of the national park was found to be a region that has particularly high biodiversity and that is an important source of water for the neighboring regions.

Selection of areas

We chose the following three areas (about 200 hectares in total) in Nagrak as the locations for implementation of our Reforestation Project.

  • Panyusuhan (about 80 ha)
    Selection of project regionConditions in Panyusuhan
  • Pasir Buntu (about 35 ha)
    Selection of project regionConditions in Pasir Buntu
  • Pasir Kuta (about 80 ha)
    Selection of project regionConditions in Pasir Kuta

The areas selected for the project have very little vegetation, and only one type of tree, Agathis damara, which is a member of the araucaria family, has been recognized.

These degraded lands are mostly covered in high grasses and low trees. Most of these areas have been completely cleared for agricultural cultivation since the communities use these lands to cultivate cassava and other crops that can be harvested in a short time.

In addition to selecting areas for reforestation, we also determined locations for the placement of plant nurseries and for holding a tree-planting ceremony. Locations for nurseries were chosen after investigating places where access to water is possible. A location near an area to be reforested with good road access was selected as the site for the tree-planting ceremony. From now we will advance preparation work for the reforestation at the tree-planting ceremony in November.

Selection of project region
Tree planting ceremony site

Selection of project region
Planned site
for establishment of a tree nursery

Analysis of land use conditions

The project sites are near villages around Nagrak and are in the extended area of the national park, which is within the territory of the park. Most members of the communities living nearby do not own the land, and some use land within the park for small-scale agriculture. Most part of the extended area of the park is used to grow cassava, vegetables and other seasonal produce.

Analysis of land use conditions
Agricultural activity within the extended area of the park

Partner communities

In this project, cooperation with the local communities is very important..
It is important that the communities recognize the importance of maintaining seedlings after planted just like maintaining their own farmland, and participate in the reforestation project.

We approach local communities that undertake small-scale agricultural activities within the national park as partners in this project, and we will support the formation of agricultural organizations in the future. Near the area where the project is conducted, an agricultural organization named "Minamukti Terpadu" already exists. About 50 households in the community of Panyusuhan participate in this organization. As a potential partner for our activities in the area, we plan to conduct more detailed discussions with this organization regarding their participation in the project in the future.

Partner communities
Local community

Local community

  • Local community
  • Local lifestyle
  • Local lifestyle
  • Local lifestyle: a man gathering firewood
  • project location: Panyusnhan at present
  • project location: pasir Buntu at present
  • project location: nearby area at present
  • project location: nearby area at present

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