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“Forests for the Air” Project: To Conserve and Nurture Forests for a Bright Future

Brazil: Amapá Biodiversity Corridor

Where is the Project Site?

Amapá State in Brazil is located just below the Equator and north of the mouth of the Amazon River. Occupying a portion of the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, it also makes up part of the Guiana Highlands. Most of the old-growth forest here remains untouched and Amapá is the most wild of Brazil’s states. This wilderness has supported the local economy over the years; for example the forest provides plants like the acai palm and Brazil nuts, and the waters running from the forests support industries such as fishing, agriculture, and forestry. However, the state’s industrial structure is expected to be drastically altered upon completion of hydroelectric power dams that will link with the nation’s power grid. It is crucial that development makes sustainable usage of the region’s bountiful nature.

What’s the Project About?

For people living in Amapá State to continue reaping the benefits of nature’s bounty, sustainable use of the land is imperative. In addition to promoting forest management by the local communities living around the Amapá National Forest and the Amapá State Forest, the project supports agroforestry programs. Besides, communication networks are being set up to promote participation by communities in a state-wide program to manage and protect Amapá’s nature.

© Conservation International/photo by Josinei Garcia

Local Wildlife: Red-faced Spider Monkey Ateles paniscus

This vulnerable species lives in the old-growth tropical forests in the north of South America. The red-faced spider monkey is adept with its limbs, even using its tail to grasp, and it lives mainly in trees.

“A Word from Daikin Staff”

Fernanda Yakushijin
Quality Superviser,
Daikin Ar Condicionado Amazonas Ltda.

Fernanda Yakushijin Quality Superviser, Daikin Ar Condicionado Amazonas Ltda.

I became familiar with the Group forest preservation project when I visited the site with employees from the Japan headquarters and NGO staff.
We are engaged in the manufacture of energy-saving air conditioners at a factory in Brazil that utilizes eco-friendly technologies to reduce environmental burdens. As all employees want to protect the Earth, we are able to engage in work and everyday life with a desire to protect the environment.
This project has enabled us to understand current environmental conditions. I want to collaborate with as many people as possible to consider what actions to take.

“A Word from Field Staff”

Josinei Garcia
Project Coordinator,
Conservation International - Brazil

Josinei Garcia Project Coordinator, Conservation International - Brazil

The project The Forests Nurturing the Air, supported by Daikin, is playing a major role on the support to the development of agro-extractive communities located inside and surrounding the Amapá National Forest and Amapá State Forest. The challenge is huge because these two protected areas have a combined area of more than 2.7 million hectares, with several communities depending on that nature to thrive. The strategy is to promote sustainable development by establishing conservation of the forest as a core value to the well-being of people.


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