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“Forests for the Air” Project: To Conserve and Nurture Forests for a Bright Future

Liberia: East Nimba Nature Reserve

Where is the Project Site?

The Nimba mountain range of western Africa straddles Liberia, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast and is home to Mt. Nimba, western Africa’s highest peak. The region is home to a diversity of ecosystems, from tropical rainforest to savannah. It is home to a diversity of wildlife including chimpanzees, while also holding a wealth of mineral resources. Liberia is still an extremely poor country, and Nimba county, the target site of this project, faces huge challenges in the way of food, infrastructure, education, and health and welfare. At the same time, forest clearing for mining and agricultural land conversion is depleting the natural resources that constitute the ecosystems upon which locals depend, and consequently threatening the future of the Liberian people.

What’s the Project About?

Local Liberians are taking action to ensure that the blessings of nature are passed on to future generations. Under what is called a conservation agreement, the project seeks to improve life in the community by providing services to society including technological support for agriculture, health, and education. At the same time, the project contributes to protection of the East Nimba Nature Reserve. It also promotes working with local communities to plan land usage.

© Conservation International/photo by Borwen Sayon

Local Wildlife: Western Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes verus

This endangered primate species lives in Africa. A sub-species called the masked chimpanzee lives in Liberia and other West African countries.

“A Word from Field Staff”

Borwen Sayon
Social Agreement and Partnership Manager,
Conservation International - Liberia

Borwen Sayon Social Agreement and Partnership Manager, Conservation International - Liberia

CI-Liberia expresses its utmost appreciation to the Daikin family for its support in East Nimba Nature Reserve. With your support, communities are improving their livelihoods and making a transition towards practices that reduce pressures on forests. Your support is deeply valued by all the communities in Nimba as they strive to achieve greater prosperity and live in harmony with nature.


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