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Design History


Values Globally Shaken by the Oil Crisis;
Air Conditioners Proposed for Collective Housing

In the background of the Vietnam War, long-haired, unconventionally dressed young people called hippies embrace Indian Buddhism and Japanese Zen everywhere and renounce materialism in pursuit of spiritual freedom. In London, the punk movement surfaces from the great impact of the Sex Pistols-----.

In reaction to the conventional values of mainstream American society and its affluent lifestyle and stability, young people around the world started various movements known as counterculture and subculture and became the standard bearers.

At the same time, the world was also in the grips of the oil crisis. Within the various upheavals in values supported by post-war growth, the economy reached a turning point for growth, and the oil crisis raised everyone's awareness of energy as an important issue.

Even in the world of design, times changed and designers had to grope with a response to a consumption society from mass production and functionalism.


In the field of home appliances, Japanese products gained popularity for their attention to detail, and the appeal of "Made-in-Japan" extended worldwide. Daikin Industries began sales of "Free & Self," an air conditioner with easy installation. At the time, large-scale housing complexes were continually being built, and "Free & Self" answered the demand in construction for simple installation with an easy-to-install air conditioner featuring piping that pre-connected the indoor and outdoor units.

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