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Design History


Power of Minimal Design in Pursuit of Simplicity

Minimal design pursues simplicity to the greatest extent possible by eliminating decoration and intricate shapes. This was the period when many industrial products emerged focusing on minimal design. Furthermore, not only in product design but also in content design, including websites, awareness grew for selecting elements that would ensure a simple appearance.

This trend occurred in the context of a rise in technologies supporting design such as in the advancement of sensing technology, including touch panels. A need was recognized to reorganize and clarify what had become too complicated from the countless functions made possible with the progress in technology.

For a simple world based on minimal design, communicating information and images in a simple manner has great appeal.


"Roundflow" is a type of indoor unit for commercial air conditioners developed in 2004 that pursues a simple design to smoothly integrate into the interior decors of shops and offices. The all-directional airflow design eliminated blind spots for airflow and reduced the discomfort felt for direct contact with airflow by sending a gentle supply of air. Other common air conditioning complaints were also solved including: "This side of the room doesn't get cool" or "This corner is always cold."

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