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Design History


Pursuit of Designs to Complement
Interior Decors and Lifestyles

Even with the bursting of the Dot.Com bubble centered on Silicon Valley in the United States, new services successively emerged in Internet-related areas such as the revolutionary Internet phone service released in that year. Growth for information and environmental technologies has steadily continued.

Not only to these services and technologies, but attention was also drawn to the lifestyles of people working in the IT companies of Silicon Valley. Employees freely wore clothes expressing their individuality and worked in open offices with roomy café spaces and areas for taking breaks and collaborating. This new breed of employees renovated and redecorated large buildings where they lived sharing space and experiences with friends.

Their lifestyles became the topic of various media outlets and broadcast throughout the world.


Until that time, Daikin Industries emphasized the aspects of functionality and technology in air conditioners, but sales began in 2003 for the "UX Series," a slim room air conditioner that made complementing interior decors a top priority. The fan and heat exchanger were made compact, and the UX realized a slim 15 cm depth while achieving high performance to become the leading air conditioner design for complemented lifestyles.

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