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Design History


New Air Quality to Meet
Expectations of a New Era

In 1997, the Kyoto Protocol was adopted as an extension of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for prevention of global warming and became the first international treaty to reduce greenhouse gases. It also brought further attention to the issue of global warming.

The year 1999 found people around the world united in a celebratory mood in anticipation of the new millennium. However, humanity faced a new problem never before encountered: the possibility of a huge computer malfunction because of the Year 2000 Bug. It was a mixture of high expectations and anxiety that welcomed the 21st Century.

Use of the Internet has greatly expanded since then and has become a driving force in a dramatic transformation of industry and society. Consequently, personal computers have now firmly entered our lives and become part of our personal lineup of essential equipment in the same way household appliances have.

This period witnessed the emergence of innovative designs of personal computers with a choice in color variations and the birth of earthshattering products that revolutionized the approach taken in product design. Not only were designs influenced by technology, but they were also affected by global topics collected from around the world.


Daikin Industries also succeeded in designing a product that not only regulated temperature but also humidity and launched "Ururu Sarara," the world's first room air conditioner with a built-in humidifier without a water supply. By utilizing its own unique technologies for controlling both temperature and humidity, Daikin undertook the challenge of delivering new air quality that meets expectations for a new era. This functionality is representative of Daikin room air conditioners and continues even today. Furthermore, the design of the intake grid that was in the front of the indoor unit was discontinued and a new flat panel has been employed that gives a clean, uncluttered appearance that is the envy of other companies.

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