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Design History


Evolution Start of 3D Printers;
Daikin Flagship Design in 3-D Curved Surfaces

What attracted considerable attention in various fields, including manufacturing, medicine, and art, has been 3D printers capable of molding three-dimensional objects based on data.

Although many patents existed for the underlying 3D printing technology, the patent on selective laser sintering technology suitable for finer molding expired in 2014. This led to a number of companies using this technology to enter the market, thereby making the printers available at a lower price than before.

For the manufacturing industry, the advent of this printer brought about a substantial transformation in the manufacturing process in addition to improving the accuracy and quality of prototype and design verification.

A new tide of Maker Movement starts to attract attention for its possibility in triggering an industrial revolution with the use of digital tools such as 3D printers and the availability of networks.


In 2014 Daikin launched "Emura 2", which featured a three-dimensional curved surface shape. Against the backdrop of demand for excellent energy-efficiency as well as a sophisticated style, this product serves both. The curved surface shape blends into the wall surface while creating a refined atmosphere. Winning many design awards both in- and outside of Japan, "Emura 2" has become a flagship design for Daikin and moreover, has presented Daikin with an opportunity to set the global standard.

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